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Hi Brian125,
I am in union City New jersey and looking to buy New Honda accord LX CVT this month.I emailed and went to many dealers and the best price they gave me is $22070 OTD, ie. $19255 sales price excluding .$875 destination fee, and TTL. Initially I gave my OTD of $21300 but nobody agreed. They are not even coming down to $21500.
I am getting sales price of $17999 + destination and TTL from dealers in virginia,
I even forwarded this email to dealers in NJ but still not coming down.

Considering this is end of month and memorial Day Should I negotiate to $21500 in NJ or get it from Virginia with OTD of $20700.
also, if I plan to get it from Virginia, is this the best price.
Please suggest


  • NathanCrumbackNathanCrumback Administrator Posts: 508
    Hi @bin2017, the estimated average sales price in Union city is $21,383 (not including taxes and fees). I'm not sure how the VA dealerships are getting the price that low. If the offer is legitimate, I would go and purchase it from VA.

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