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2005 Audi Allroad noises and lights from dash / engine when turning ignition

svsanchezsvsanchez Member Posts: 1
edited May 2017 in Audi
Hello, this is my first time at Edmunds, I hope this is the place to ask for help.

While trying to fix an airbag light on my 2005 Audi Allroad due to code 00588 - Airbag Igniter, Driver Side (N95) / 001 - Upper Limit Exceeded, I performed the following:

1) Removed battery, and waited 30 minutes
2) Removed front driver seat (took me about 45 mins as I couldn't find the front bolts)
3) Removed the connectors from under the seat (red, beige and yellow. Sprayed the yellow connectors with compressed air then with connector cleaner.
4) Plugged all connectors back.
5) Turned the ignition to position 2, tried clearing the airbag code with VAG COM. Didn't work (airbag light came back immediately)
6) Since I didn't replace the front seat and had to move the car a bit forward, I didn't want to turn it on so I pressed the brake pedal, put the car in N and pushed it about 30 cms, then put the car back in P
7) Left the car alone for the night
8) Next day (today) I wanted to check the airbag connector behind the steering wheel.
9) Put the key in the ignition, and now I have the problem that you can see in the video: many warning lights turn on on the dashboard and there's a strange noise coming from the engine bay. If I turn the key to try to start the car, I get that awful noise and you can see all lights kind of flashing.

Here's the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgAIy0v1NT8

I hope you can help me!


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,747
    edited May 2017
    00588 is the drivers front airbag circuit (column) not the side airbag. The video suggests low system power. What is the battery voltage at before you turn the key and then after turning it to the run position?

    Can your VAG COM perform a full module scan or does it get locked up?
    If it can, what codes are setting in which modules?
    If it locks up on the full system scan, can it communicate with any modules individually?
    Does it report any modules that should be present as missing?
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