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imageMonthly Update for April 2017 - 2017 Lincoln Continental

Our 2017 Lincoln Continental served us well as a commuter car this month. Read on to see what we liked about it in the month of April.

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    I'm starting to see more of these on the road and every single one has appeared to be a "fleet" car. I know that Lincoln had other ideas for this car but perhaps we're looking at the successor to the Town Car/Crown Vic. Note that I don't think fleet sales are necessarily a bad thing for the brand. The question is whether the car is great or not. I've always believed that if you find yourself in a rental car or car service vehicle and the car is great, then that's good for the brand. The problem is when the car isn't great. Here's the question: When the person who drives a Mercedes (or insert other luxury brand) gets driven to the airport by a car service in a Continental, does the Mercedes owner think, "this is every bit as nice as my car" or does the Mercedes owner wonder, "is this a Town Car?" The fleet sales of the Continental can serve as the company's best marketing program or another nail in Lincoln's coffin. We will see.
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