Mercury Mariner Lease Questions

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Hi everyone. Please use the following discussion to post any questions that you have about leasing a Mercury Mariner. Thanks.

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  • truffingtruffing Member Posts: 2
    I'm having a heck of a time trying to get a lease price for the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. My saleslady said the residual is not available, however she said my vechile that I ordered (not knowing the lease price when I ordered) would be delivered to the dealership next week. Anyone have a clue as to what the lease price would be?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Unfortunately, truffing, I have not seen the residual values for this truck either. Banks usually do not publish residual values for vehicles until they start arriving at dealers. To further complicate things, the residual values for hybrid vehicles are often significantly different than they are for equivalent non-hybrid models. I can tell you though that I expect this truck's lease program will not be very good and it will be a very expensive vehicle to lease. Sorry that I could not be of more help.

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  • truffingtruffing Member Posts: 2
    Well, I found out the hard way. I've been waiting for this since July '05. The interest rate from Ford Credit is 12.5%. The monthly payment on this SUV was $800.00 a month (with the A plan). Another Ford dealer (sells Mercury as well), gave me an interest rate of 7%. It cut it down to 750.00 a month. To buy the hybrid it was in the $600.00 range a month (with A plan). I figured I'd stick with the gas guzzler. I was told that Ford really doesn't want to lease these hybrids due to resale value. Since they are so new, no one would want to buy a used one.
    The only part I regret is having to wait until October to find out the pricing information.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    I'm not surprised that the interest rates that you were quoted for this truck are so horrible, truffing. Ford is not currently providing any sort of lease support on it and Ford Credit's standard interest rates are horrific. I think that you are right about banks not wanting to lease Hybrids. This technology is fairly new and no one knows how well hybrids will hold up over a period of several years. Eventually the batteries in hybrid vehicles will have to be replaced, which is an expensive repairs. A company called ALG is sort of the industry standard when it comes to independent analysis of vehicle's residual values and they don't even publish residuals for hybrid vehicles yet.

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  • sitdevil1sitdevil1 Member Posts: 2
    i picked up a lease last night, and its my first vehical. i found a scratch this morning and a discolored paint area... what can i do?! will the dealer fix these? this is how i picked up the car. -- the confused newbee
  • chiefbiggchiefbigg Member Posts: 4

    I can't answer your question, but was hoping you could give the details on what model you got and the cost. I live in IL and have been trying to lease a Mariner, but the dealers don't seem very accomodating.

    Did you get the Signature Lease? $279 on a Luxury with no other out of pocket except TTL.

  • sitdevil1sitdevil1 Member Posts: 2
    chiefbigg -

    The dealer i went do didnt have any luxury vehicals, i got a premiere. just a little more a month with a down payment to cover the 1st month and all fees.

    Be careful, the signature lease doesnt include tax. and its 39 months and 10.5 k milage a year. the warrenty time is 36 months. i believe i got quoted that the 279 signature was the same as a 239 a month with a down payment.

    I'm in the NY/NJ area so things might be different.
  • chiefbiggchiefbigg Member Posts: 4
    I ended up leasing the Premier tonight. It has pretty much everything you can get (leather, roof, 6 CD changer, sideboards, roof rack, back-up sensor). MSRP was $28,900. I had a trade which saved me about $600 in taxes, but I didn't really have any equity so it was a wash otherwise.

    39 months, 12K per year. I was out the door for $327/mo. including TTL. No money out of pocket.
  • kmomkmom Member Posts: 2
    Just leased a 2006 Mariner yesterday. Feel like I researched it pretty good, test drove it, liked it and then when it came time to negotiate the sales people had apparently never heard of the $279/mnth, $0, $0, $0 deal. They were quoting like $330/ month for the convenience mariner. Finally they seemed to figure out what we wanted and explained that that deal was with very specific options(moon roof , V6 etc). They said they didn't have any in stock and neither did anybody else. We left to go talk about it when we returned they said they had one coming in end of the month. Anyways signed on a luxury with moonroof, 4x4, V6 and 6 cd for 288 month plus taxes. $9 more per month than the $279 because we are getting all the extra airbags. But I was pleasntly surprised they really offered the deal and it really was $0 down. Apparently Ford credit requirements are still reasonable for this deal. When Mitzubishi runs the same $0 down they want a credit score of 750+. Don't take delivery for a few weeks so can't tell you how satisfied I am with the car yet. But I am pretty happy with deal.
  • illiniramilliniram Member Posts: 1
    What was the sticker price of the mariner you leased for $288. My Mercury dealer didn't know anything about the red carpet lease. Did they try to sell you the wear and tear option for when the vehicle is turned in? Was this a 36 month lease? Also, what was the residual %.

    I am looking at a Mariner with a sticker of around $26,900 and being quoted a 36 month lease of approximately $314. Also, did your lease have a Mercury acquisition cost of approx $630? My salesman said this is added to every Mercury lease.

    Roger K.
  • kmomkmom Member Posts: 2
    Our dealer claimed to know nothing about the red carpet lease at first either. Apparently Mercury came up with that deal based on particular features so that the residual value is high enough. So you have to get one with those specific options. We actually wanted a more base model but the lease payment would have been higher. We are waiting until next week to pick up delivery and we have until then to purchase the wear and tear but we have to pay cash for it. What is your opinion of this. I would turn it down we lan on taking care of the vehicle and keeping it clean but we have kids. We've never leased before so is this a good deal? The lease is 39 months not 36 and you get 1000 miles per month with a charge of 15 cents for every mile over. I believe the sticker price was 26,900 but in the lease agreement the agreed upon price of the vehicle is 24,000 which I know was below sticker price. Acquisition fee of 595 and documentation of 345. Or in other words profit margin. But these fees are all roled into the lease, still we did not put $1 down and our lease payment is $288 + sales tax. We could have gotten a payment of $279 but they had one coming in sooner with the airbags which I wanted. The side impact airbags are not one of the required options for the lease deal. So the $314 may be the $270 plus sales tax. Purchase at end of lease option is $14017. From what I have read mercury doesn't really want to lease these they want to get you into the showroom. But if you are firm they will make good on the deal. If you compare to other leases it is a really sweet deal. If one dealer won't cooperate go to another. Use You can do your negotiations from home with another dealer. hope this answers some questions.
  • ad12ad12 Member Posts: 11
    Hi, we'd like to lease a 2008 Mariner Hybrid... It has been difficult to obtain quotes for one but I have found a GM at a dealer who's willing to work with me. The money factors for hybrids are pretty brutal, nonetheless, I have a deal on the table I'm considering:

    MSRP: $31,755
    Sale Price: $200 over invoice minus the $195 rebate = $29,082
    He may give us trade equity on our current leased vehicle that has extremely low miles in the amount of: $1150
    Adj Cap Cost: $27,754
    Residual: $17,685
    % to factor: 5.75%
    39 months, 10,000 miles low mileage lease for wife who doesn't drive much.
    Payment ($366), incl. WA. state sales tax: $399

    Does this sound right? And all things considered regarding the difficulty of leasing a hybrid, is it a decent deal? It's only $7 more than our current payment on a VW Touareg...

    Thanks for any input!
  • jrammjramm Member Posts: 14
    Trying to find residual and money factor for 2008 Mariner Premier FWD. I'm still looking into several vehicles and trying to work the numbers on each. I've started contacting dealers but haven't gotten any details from them at this point. Can I expect them to share this information prior to going in and sitting down with them?

  • sheyerlysheyerly Member Posts: 1
    I own my own business and leasing is the best way to go for me for tax purposes. I tried to lease a hybrid Mariner today and the lowest I could get them was $660.00 per month. It was actually less to purchase this vehicle. I have never heard of such a thing. After discussing this they offered me a conventional Mariner for 340.00 per month. I declined both and left. It is very frustrating that I am trying to help the environment and I am being penalized. On top of that I live in Los Angeles where everyone is on the whole "environmental" craze.So, you would think that they would offer great deals. I am definitely going to take my time and check out other dealerships to see if there are better options. Any suggestions?
  • craig001craig001 Member Posts: 2
    I don't think that it's worth leasing these at their current price point. The extra money you pay will never be seen in fuel savings over a 36 month lease. I got mine for the "Hey I care about the environment factor," since the Explorer I got rid of only got 12.5 (V8/AWD). But this is just MHO.
  • gerry2gerry2 Member Posts: 9
    Anyone have info on money factors and residuals for a 2010 Mariner Premier (4 cyl.) - residuals for 36 months - 12,000 and 15,000 miles would be helpful.


  • ccardamoneccardamone Member Posts: 4
    Hi Gerry:

    I looked at the lease and decided to buy. The residuals, plus money down required on lease don't seem to make sense to me. I was able to lease a 2008 Escape XLT in March, 2008 for around $369 a month with nothing down but plates and good credit. Now the down payment for a 2010 Mariner was around $2,500 and the payment would be higher...I opted for the 0% offer for 48 months and put down the taxes and I feel my payment is reasonable (under $400). Hope that helps!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi Gerry. Ford credit's lease program often varies by region. You never mentioned what state you are in, so for now I will provide you with information on what I believe is the most common program for the vehicle that you are interested in.

    Ford Credit's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a Mariner Premier 4WD with 15,000 miles per year are 3.0% and 48%, respectively.

    If you were to lease this vehicle with only 12,000 miles per year, its residual value would be 2% higher.

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  • mable91367mable91367 Member Posts: 4
    I will make my last payment on a 2008 Mercuyr Mariner in October 2010. How many months in advance to Ford notify you?

    Also, how many months would Ford finance you if you want to buy the car? I am not sure if I want to finance the car with Ford or go with Bank of America. I would like to have my payments as cheap as possible. Right now, my lease payment is $362.

    My payoff will be $14000, and I only have 5000 miles on the car. Yes, that is correct, only 5000 miles. The car is in perfect condition. I have always taken the train to work, and I basically just drive the car on weekends.

    I am in the state of California.

    Thanks, Everyone!
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