BMW X3 hatch opening spontaneously

ken_peressken_peress Member Posts: 2
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I've had a number of occasions in which I find my hatch open and I haven't pushed the key to do so. I realize that when it is in my pocket that may happen but recently was sitting still in my car, keys in pocket, unmoving, and the hatch opened. Any ideas?


  • comfortzonescomfortzones Member Posts: 37
    We've had this spontaneous opening issue with our 2017 330i GT. After multiple, lengthy service visits, BMW has replaced some of the vehicle electronics and updated software. This is a bit of a non-answer, but they also made sure that our two fobs were programmed to a specific user and not left unprogrammed. We have not had an opening incidence since March and are holding our breath.
  • ken_peressken_peress Member Posts: 2
    The dealership replaced the hatch button/switch on the hatch exterior. Since then (fingers crossed) no problems. It's interesting as the feel of the button/switch is different than the older one.
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