2011 Nissan Sentra wiring harness problems

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Bought my car in Jan 2016 only had 35000 miles for 2011 model. Fast forward to April 25, 2017. I was on my way to work stopped at Walgreens came back out and car would not start couldn't even pull the shifter out of park. Had it towed to a local repair shop they were telling me that the the blower system needed replacing the blower motor was pulling to many amps the control head wasn't working and neither was the amplifier. They told me to contact my insurance to see if they would pay because it was looking to be 2000$. Insurance wanted to tow it to the dealership, dealer replaces control head says good to go. Car messes up two days later, had car towed back to dealership, first they say four fuses had blown and that they were the wrong size gonna keep my car one more day to make sure everything is ok. Called the next day yea come get it, get a call back a few mins later saying it's gonna have to be tomrrow the tech still has your car hooked up and has left, ok fine I'll be by tomorrow. Received a call the next day saying that my car would not be ready it needs a new wiring harness. Took a week for them to get the harness. Took them another week to install it, then get a phone call from my insurance saying they had some assembling problems and had to take my car back apart. It's been a over a week since I got that call. First go around I picked my car up May 2, it messed up again May 5, today is June 1. I'm wondering what kind of problems they're having.
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