2001 S type engine light

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After driving around town all day, my 2001 Jaguar S type's check engine light came on when I pulled into the garage, When I turned the car off, it continued to "run" (kinda), putting off heat like crazy, so I started it up & shut it off again, this time successfully, It was frightening, I was afraid it was going to blow up, it was so loud & hot. Any ideas? Thanks!


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    You need to find out what fault codes it has to start to try and figure out what, if anything is the problem.
    NorSway Car OBD2 Adapter (about $10 on Amazon) and an OBD2 scan app, like OBD Car Doctor, Torque Lite or one of those are mostly free and I have had limited success in pulling basic engine codes on Jaguar.
    Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.
    Once you have the fault codes, then you can at least start to look in a general direction.
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