2002 Chevy Tahoe Battery Drain

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Let me start off by saying this has been an absolutely great vehicle for plenty of years. Father-in-law orginally owned vehicle, then gave it to our eldest son during his Freshman year of College 2 years ago. 
Last weekend, the vehicle was DEAD.  Jump started it, ran fine.....but then 30 mins later, same issue. Called AAA  & they replaced Battery. Alternator & everything else checked out fine. Son drove it to Charleston for his Summer Internship. Next morning, ready to head to work, DEAD again. Had AAA take it to a highly recommended independent repair shop, said BRAND NEW battery was completely dead & all other Electrical System checked out fine. Worked great for 3 days. Got a call, Saturday morning, DEAD again. AAA charged battery & everything was ok....
All I can say is General Motors definitely has an issue with this battery issue/models related to this 2002 Tahoe. As a consumer, it is very DISTURBING that GM is so blase' about this Negative Battery drain that I've read about for the last 3.5 hours. There are no heated seats, no DVD player, in this vehicle, and yet I've read about this for 2004-2013 model years....and seriously, "We don't know what's causing your problem"! 
We all saw what happened to Hyundai when they had the issue with their 2011 & 2012 Sonatas - 470,000 vehicles may possibly receive new engines. GM - TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR PROBLEMS, and don't sweep them under the rug!!!


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    On a 2002 vehicle? That's been owned by someone else for 15 years.

    Why not have a good electrical shop diagnose where the drain is. A remote guess would be the starter motor on my part with no reason other than shadetree neighbor has found a couple of them through the years. When the truck is found dead, that would be a good time to check circuits.

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    Did you find a solution? I did research this year that pointed to a bad ABS module in my truck. When a truck is over 10 years old, it's now my problem, not the manufacturer. Repairs and maintenance are inevitable.
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