04 malibu lt 3.5, engine stalls when engine is up to temp

abenefielabenefiel Member Posts: 1
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I have an 04 malibu lt i recently purchased. 218k. car randomly stalls when up to temp. runs like a scalded dog when engine is cool. runs great when engine is up to temp when off idle. seems to die on idle more than anything. mostly does it at a stop but it has died a couple of times while coasting in gear. the car has had a new ecm installed, new battery, new alternator, was told it had a new fuel filter. thought i might have a dirty or malfunctioning IAC valve but i cant seem to find one on it. i dont know if im just not seeing it of if that function is programmed into the electronic throttle body. any ideas on a solution would be appreciated. thanks


  • stevekruzichstevekruzich Member Posts: 33
    i would say IAC. But see if its throwing a code. IAC is usually the problem with idle issues or the TPS.
    I would replace the IAC if its giving you problems not clean it. I got one fairly cheap on ebay. Same thing with tps. don't buy from parts store, order it on ebay. They are pretty good.
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