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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • Here you go, cbat1. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 Maxima SE with 12,000 miles per year are .00285 and 57%, respectively. NMAC's 24 month lease program for this car is more attractive at .00193 and 68%, so you may want to consider going that route.

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  • Hi smaxadealer. Please see my previous post for the information that you're looking for.

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  • Does any one know the NMAC Residuals and MF on a 2006 SE? 12 Month and 24 Month with 12000 miles per year.

  • First time I have Leased a car, need help determining if it is a fair deal. MSRP is 34915; Sell price was 31165; Tax of 1000.87, plus $299 processing fee, plus 34.50 CarTag exchange; less $3000 for my trade end, giving a final price of $ 29500. Lease deal is $519.73 for 35 months no money down, 12K miles per year and includes the $468 prepaid oil change service every 3750 miles. He spoke of a "residual value of $19901 at the end of 36 months; is that the same as the "buy-out" price? when I add the monthly lease costs 519.73 times 36 months I get 18710.28 and this to the residual brings a total of $38611.28 which is 3696 above MSRP for the 36 month period -- Is that good or bad. I have no way of gauging it. Sounds expensive; so what is that in equivalent in Interest rate? I don't under stand how money factor is suppose to work; or what the residuals should be; don't want to be duped by my ignorance. Thank You
  • ed108ed108 Posts: 39
    Run - don't walk - away from this dealer, he is a crook.

    First off: $468 for oil changes? You'll have the car for 36K miles. At 3750 miles intervals that is 9 oil changes. 468/9 is $52 an oil change!! YIKES!!

    Second: When you lease, sales tax of $1000.87 is irrelevant. You only pay sales tax on your lease payments, not on the full price of the car. Sounds like the dealer added the sales tax of the whole price into your lease calculation = RIP OFF, RIP OFF, RIP OFF!!!!

    Third: $299 Processing fee? HUH? That is a junk fee that you should never pay. Again RIP OFF artist.

    Plugging in the numbers your money factor is about .0052 which translated into a 13% interest rate. Like I said, run, don't walk away from this dealer.

  • Thank You; my gut told me it was not right; and now you have confirmed it. I was able to walk away from the lease. Based on what you have told me I should distance myself from the whole dealership. Their finance person asked me why I decided against going with the lease. I said it just didn't feel right as the sale price we had negotiated for the car never showed up in his lease calculation; in fact I would be paying nearly $4,000 more than MSRP; so, it just didn't seem right -- left it there. Bet I ruined his Christmas bonus, huh?
  • I was wondering if any1 had the correct lease numbers for any 07 maxima deals yet....Also I was wondering what Nissan's financial company's tier credit system.

    Does any1 know the scores for Tier 0,1??
  • Hi. I live in Southern New Jersey and received the following from my dealer and I was wondering if you could help and let me know whether this is a good or bad deal. The only question I forgot to ask was the sale price. 2007 Maxima SL with 15k miles, Navigation, Driver Preferred Pkg, VDC - 24 month lease $548 mo. pymt. with $0 down. MF is .001850 and Residual of $23,742.

    Thank you!
  • If I remembered correct it was around 33k. Dude that seems pretty high, are you financing with NMAC, I didn't get the navigation package but everything else and I aid $320, negotiate or go to Bay Ridge Nissan website and look at the advertisement, it's for the SE but you get an idea. I think they are leasing the base model for like $190, so I could understand doubling they are located in BKLYN NY it maybe for the top of the line but not almost 3 times. But I am just speculating I am not familiar with your area in NJ
  • Cheetaeyes - thanks. I thought it seemed high, but am not familiar with 24 month leases. My current lease {which is my 1st lease} is an '04 SL fully loaded w/Nav and it's 39 months @ $485 p/mo, which includes 15k miles, an addit. warranty and and upgraded Svs. I know all off the lease deals that I have seen are all for SE models. I have another dealer giving me some #'s today and will see what he comes in with. BTW, I am close to Philly if that helpe.

    Thanks again!
  • Just leased a new 2007 Maxima SE. I'm posting this as a reference for those of you who are still shopping around and looking for a good deal, also curious to see if you think I got a good deal or not. The terms are as follows; 2007 maxima SE/Black exterior/Black leather interior/Navigation (and power sunroof)/Driver Preferred Package (which includes Premium Audio Pkg and Sensory Pkg.)/VDC and full size spare/Splash Guards and Carpeted Mats/Blue tooth. Basically, the only options I didn't get were the Elite Pkg, satellite radio, and the 5 spoke chrome wheels. My lease is for 24 months/15,000 miles per month/$2000 down flat (this includes first months payment)/$415 per month. I also got a year free oil change. I did not have to put the $2000 down, but had I not, my payments would have obviously been higher. I live in Bergen County, and I got this from a dealership in Hackensack, NJ.
    I think I got a good deal- please let me know what you think.
  • I have a 2005 truck that is paid for. I am looking about getting another truck and am considering leasing it. Does anyone know how a dealership will value my 2005 truck on a new lease ?
  • $320 and how much is down and fees? did you take driver prefered package and SE model?

    BayRidge gave me $321/month, $2K down, and $1300 b/s fees. it is not a good deal, right?
  • Newmaxse - do you mind letting me know which dealership you went to - it's a trip for me, but not mind making it if the numbers work. Thanks!
  • Not totally sure. I assume that they would just put the value of you trade towards the total cost of the lease which would lower your monthly payment. But This is just me thinking off the top. Keep inquiring.
  • Bay Ridge Nissan
  • Picked up my new 07 Precision Gray/Charcoal SE last Thursday. Shopped 300C, STS and CTS and decided Maxima was the best and most optioned of the bunch.

    MSRP was $33,625 with Driver Preferred, Glass Sunroof, Mats and Guards.

    Lease is for 24/12k miles and monthly payment is $395.00 including tax and only the 1st payment up front. They even ended up paying for a new plate since my current lease car is not up until mid Nov.

    Even though it is parked for now I really like the blue tooth, power fold in mirrors and parktronic bumper. Heated steering wheel may not be used much here in FL but still should be nice.

    Wanted to buy American but got a heck of a lot more car for a lot less $$ in lease payment since others mentioned were way North of $600.00 a month
  • Here is the information that you are looking for, DJ. Nissan Motor acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2006 Nissan Maxima SE with 12,000 miles per year are .00042 and 52%, respectively. I don't believe that Nissan is currently offering a 12 month lease on this car.

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  • Welcome bargere. Since you are new to the world of leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles that are available here at prior to visiting any dealers: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    The fact that you know both the MSRP and selling price of this car means that you are doing an excellent job in your negotiations. Many consumers who have never leased before only focus on their monthly payment and don't even bother to find out how much they are being charged for their vehicle. I am a little confused about exactly which Maxima you are getting though. Nissan offers two trim levers of this car, the SE and SL. You described the car that you want as an SLE. Which one did you mean? I need to know because their lease programs are different. Even without knowing exactly which model you want I can tell you that the price that you were quoted looks attractive to me. Make sure to stop by the following discussion to see how much other community members have paid for similar cars lately: "Nissan Maxima: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

    I see that you are considering trading your current vehicle in on your leased Maxima. There's nothing wrong with trading vehicles in when leasing. However, it is in your best interest to have the dealer that you are working with cut you a check for any equity that you have in your trade rather than using the proceeds from it as a down payment for your lease. I say this mainly because if your leased vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered, your down payment essentially disappears.

    Yes, the residual value that you were quoted is the same as this car's lease-end purchase price.

    The monthly payment that you were quoted looks a little high to me. Without taking the $3,000 from your trade into account, I estimate that a 2007 Nissan Maxima SE with an MSRP of $34,915 and a selling price of $31,165 should have a 36 month, 12,000 mile per year zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $459. With the $3,000 from your trade, this payment would drop to around $367. With these deals you would have to pay your car's first month's payment, a security deposit equivalent to that payment rounded up to the nearest $25 increment, and NMAC's $550 acquisition fee at lease signing.

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  • Hi cand1unc. Unfortunately, I do not know the exact credit score that NMAC requires consumers to have to qualify for its best lease money factors. I can tell you what its current lease program is like though. In order for me to do so I need you to tell me whether you want a Maxima SE or SL, how long you want to lease it for, and how many miles per year you need to be able to drive it.

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  • Hi elsiesmom. You can trade in your current truck when leasing a new one. If you decide to trade your current vehicle in, it is in your best interest to have the dealer that you are working with cut you a check for it rather than using the proceeds from it as a down payment on your lease. I always advise consumers against making down payments on leased vehicles. the main reason that I do so is if your leased vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered, any down payment that you made on it essentially disappears.

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  • Hi,

    I want to lease a 06 or 07 Pathfinder LE with NAV and XM radio. I built it and it priced out at $38,800. I have NO clue what to offer the dealer. I am soooo confused about haggling. Can anyone help?
  • Welcome pathynewbie. This particular discussion is for community members who are interested in discussing leasing a Nissan Maxima. Please post any questions that you have about leasing a Nissan Pathfinder in the following discussion: "Nissan Pathfinder: Lease Questions". Thanks.

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  • intrested in the SE or SL either one...the msrp for both would be around 34K and they are selling me invoice for the car but payments are very high for 12K miles year////i want either 12 or 15k miles a year and a lease for 24 months
  • Thanks for the additional information, cand1unc. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2007 Maxima SE with 15,000 miles per year are .00124 and 67%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a 2007 Maxima SL are .00152 and 67%. If you were to lease either of these cars with only 12,000 miles per year, their residual values would be 1% higher.

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  • Hi Car_man! What's the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate lease Money Factor and Residual Value for(1) a 36-month lease of a 2007 Maxima 3.5 SE, 12,000 miles; and (2) a 39-month lease of a 2007 Maxima 3.5 SE also 12,000 miles? Thanks so much!
  • Does anyone know if Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. negotiates the price of buying a leased car at the end of the lease?
  • Good evening, Car_man. I'm also interested in the 2007 SE 36mo 12k miles MF and Residual. Is the year-end event bringing additional leasing deals as well? Thanks!
  • tomaxtomax Posts: 14
    Leased a 2007 Maxima for 24 months, 12K miles. Car list was 33105 + destination 500. Got 2500 for trade (later upped to 3000) and got payments down to 205 by putting in another $5000. I now notice lease did not go through Nissan Motor and wondering why and what else.

    How is this deal?
  • tomaxtomax Posts: 14

    It is Nissan/NILT financing
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