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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • hey car man, i have seen you are very knowledgeable and would like to ask you couple questions. I am looking into a 2007 murano sl FWD with leather package. The MSRP of this car 32990. They offered a sales price of 31,278. I think this is too high, and will go back with an offer for 30,544(invoice i think). By the way, I want to lease for whatever is the best program. They gave me a money factor of .00144 which is pretty good i think? The purchase option on the 39 month lease is 17634.70. This seems low. For your information, I will do a 12k mile lease. I am asking for your help in helping me come up with the best possible price that i should have in mind. I would also like to know the residuals for 36, 39, 42, and 48 months. From what ive read a cap reduction is frowned upon so i wont reduce the cap cost. Please reply back with some help. I want to lease this murano asap. Also, I do not care if i get the 2006 version with the same equipment but i thought it might be more expensive to do that due to depreciation. Help!!
  • Hi Guys,
    My wife just drove the S AWD today as we were thinking of buying the car but now are considering leasing.

    We were offered 39mos/15k for an S AWD w/ an aftermarket moonroof for $415 with 2880 down at mil. factor of .00145. I didn't think was good at all and was annoyed as they weren't telling me what they were basing the cost of the car to make these numbers.

    My questions are:

    1. What should I expect I lease payment for this configeration to be?

    2. What should a lease run on an 07 SL AWD with Touring Package?

    3. If anyone has been happy working with a salesperson/dealer in NJ I would like any recommendations.

  • Hi everyone! I am a noob to this site and to leasing a new car as well. Can someone tell me what would be considered a good deal on a 36 month (12,000ml/yr)lease of a 2007 Murano SL (dealer price - $37,090). I am thinking $400-450 a month including tax. I am also thinking of putting $2000 down and trading in my $3000 car. I live in Pocatello, Idaho, but I am flexible to go out of state for a better deal. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 190
    I was very happy with Turnersville Nissan, and also received a good price from Cherry Hill, though I never actually went to CHerrry Hill. Use the website and get an internet quote. It gives a good price and maybe you can get lower. Did you say you wanted an "S" with aftermarket sunroof? Seems like SL w/ sunroof in a package would be better, but I don't really know any prices anymore (got my 06 in July). My salesguy was known as "Hoss". He was one of the best car salespeople I've ever met. Probably the only one I've ever actually liked!
  • rpdrpdrpdrpd Posts: 36
    How's this?

    2007 SL AWD
    MSRP: 36,820
    Invoice: 33,568
    Selling Price: 33,568
    Holdback: 2% of Invoice (671.36)
    Term: 39 mos
    Mileage: 15,000/yr
    LEV: 50%
    Acq Fee: 550
    Factor: 0.00052
    Due at start: 768.30 (1st pymt, dmv fee)
    Pymt: 460.80

    I am thinking getting the vehicle at invoice with a pretty decent factor (0.00052 x 2400 = 1.248%) makes this a good deal. Or are there better deals on 06's?

    Welcome your comments.
  • ejkcpaejkcpa Posts: 7
    How is this deal?
    2007 S AWD with Convenience package

    Invoice price: 28,690
    Term: 39 mos
    Mileage: 12,000/yr

    Residual Value $16,573
    Lease payment including sales tax, acq. fee with no money down. $383/mo

    Sunroof after market will add $35/mo extra.
  • Sounds like a decent deal you got! I didn't get floor mats=(
    I got the Murano 2007 SL with the touring pkg - list 36,600-3k down-includes taxes- 39mth lease- 12k yr/miles- for 380.00 mth. He originally quoted me 389.00- I wanted 375.00 but after reading posts I had no idea what the residual is on it?? Stupid me...- that's key, he didn't tell me of course but overall I think I got a good deal. It's a beautiful car. The dealer is one of the best- It's my 2nd car from them :)
  • You're very welcome, pvsurfer. The lowest mileage allowance that I have seen for a lease through Nissan Motor acceptance Corp. is 12,000 miles per year. Many banks offer 10,000 mile per year leases on vehicles, but if NMAC does I have never seen it.

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  • Hi llcooln21. Dealer invoice is a pretty aggressive price for a 2007 Nissan Murano. I suspect that you will have to pay more like at least $500 over for one. You should be able to get an idea of how much one will cost by stopping by the following discussion and checking out the prices that other community members have paid for similar vehicles lately: "Nissan Murano: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

    Here's what this truck's current lease program looks like. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 39 month lease of a 2007 Nissan Murano SL FWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00052 and 51%, respectively. 39 months is by far the most attractive term for this vehicle. Make sure that this is the program that is used to calculate your truck's monthly payment.

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  • Hi Mike. The Murano for the Murano that you are interested in will vary depending upon what its MSRP and selling price are. If you provide me with these numbers, I would be happy to use Nissan's actual current lease program to estimate what sort of lease payment you should expect.

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  • Welcome alexexcess. If I was in the market for a 2007 Nissan Murano right now, I personally would shoot for a selling price of around $500 over dealer invoice. For more feedback on how much you can expect to pay for this vehicle, make sure to stop by the following discussion: "Nissan Murano: Prices Paid & Buying Experience". If you provide me with the MSRP and approximate selling price for the exact model that you are considering leasing, I would be happy to use Nissan's current lease program to estimate what your monthly payment would be.

    As far as making a down payment on your lease goes, I always advise consumers against making down payments on leased vehicles. Those who do risk losing them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered. There's nothing wrong with trading in your current vehicle when you lease your new one, just have the dealer cut you a check for it rather than using the proceeds from your deal as a capitalized cost reduction for your lease.

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  • Hello rpdrpd. Dealer invoice is a very attractive selling price for a lease of a 2007 Nissan Murano right now. Furthermore, the money factor that you were quoted is right in line with Nissan's buy rate lease money factor for this model. If you like the truck, I personally don't see any reason not to pull the trigger on this deal.

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  • Hi ejkcpa. Are you saying that you are getting this Murano for dealer invoice. If so, that is an excellent selling price. Just make sure that the dealer that you are working with is using Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current 39 month buy rate lease money factor of .00052 to calculate your truck's monthly payment and you're in business.

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  • Wondering if you could help me out. Looking to lease a Murano. Found an '06 SE with DVD and Dynamic Control package. Sticker was $39,750. Lease is for 39 months, 12K/year $389 a month with $1999 down (includes 1st months payment). I was thinking of asking for them to bump the milage up to 15K/year to finalize the deal, since this is usually only around $12 a month. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Forgot to mention this is in PA and it included the Touring package.
  • Thanks everyone.
    We ended up buying a 2007 SL AWD with Touring Package, Floor Mats, Sunroof Deflector, Cargo Protector, Crossbars and Splash Guards.

    MSRP - 36,820
    Invoice - 33,568
    We paid - 32,880

    Plus we did ok with our trade-in.
    We did this in PA.
  • Hi pidoublet. You never mentioned the selling price of the Murano that you are interested in leasing. This is an important number for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing the price of the truck that you want to lease you don't know how good a price you are getting it for. The second reason is that one needs the selling price of a vehicle that they want to lease is that it is necessary to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to give you my opinion of this deal if you let me know what its selling price is.

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  • Hi mgriffin1. Wow, you got an '07 Murano for below invoice. That is a very good deal. Congratulations and enjoy your new ride!

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  • Sorry, thought I included that. The selling price is $34,279.
  • I have a 2004 Murano SL with navigation. I would like to get out of the lease and purchase a 2007 Murano. The lease is due in Apr of 2008. I pay $417.00 per month and I put no money down. I have 36600 miles.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.

  • Hey folks,

    This past weekend, I picked up a lease on a 2007 S AWD w/ Convenience Pkg and carpeted floor mats, splash guards, cargo area protector, and roofrail crossbars (basically everything avail for S but tow pkg) for $356/month (+sales tax) and $500 down for 39 months. Basis price was $28,550. Resid value is around $16,700.

    They tossed in free car washes for entire lease and free oil changes for 1st year (yeah I know its cheapie stuff for them, but has value to me) and allowed me to transfer my vanity plate instead of getting a random plate. Is this in-line w/ the typical deals or should I be concerned? I'm located in MA and the AWD is really the only choice w/ our typical winters (which we haven't seen yet this year....)

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • Looks like this car is selling below invoice. I just called an dealership and they offered the car $200 below invoice without any negotiations.
  • Well I picked up my car last night and went over the paperwork that my husband was suppose to do and questioned why the MSRP was different that what was on the sticker? He said to make the deal work they put a lower figure. ok, so you tell me if this was a deal or if I got tossed a beating.

    07 Murano SL AWD- Touring PKG- 36,800
    GrossCap Cost: 34,172.43
    Invoice Cost: 32,556.43
    Residual: 18,778.20
    Agreement Value: 33,622.43

    Out of pocket: 3,625.00
    Payments 379.97 for 39 mths 12k yr.

    What I don't get is Under Rent Charge : 1040.00
    and Acquistion Fee 550.00

    Can anyone explain this - and did I get hosed on the lease?
    They threw in the cargo protector and front mats ( Big deal)!

    Please advise your thoughts..
  • rpdrpdrpdrpd Posts: 36
    Thanks for your help Car_man. We agreed to the deal last night, but also agreed that we will take delivery in February (when my current lease is up). Dealer will honor his offer, but will adjust to my advantage if any incentives, etc. come out in February.

    However, I now see that Murano's might be had for less than invoice. I'm not sure if I would try to squeeze $200 off the invoice; I 'll just see what happens in Feb.
  • emc17emc17 Posts: 26
    I have 6 months remaining payments on a Highlander lease totaling $2520. I am looking into leasing a Murano 07 w/touring package w/XM radio, navigation, sun roof, leather, etc. The car MSRP is $37.100. They are giving me a deal of $1500 down and 38 payments of $499/month including tax. The dealer will pay Toyota de remaining 6 months. Should I wait till the end of my lease in 6 months or is this a fair deal? Please answers asap.Thanks!! :shades:
  • Do you have any miles remaining on your Toyota lease? How many miles are your getting on the Murano?
  • emc17emc17 Posts: 26
    Yes, I still have plenty of miles remainig on my lease. I
    am getting 12.000/yr. on the Murano. I dont use my car that much. :)
  • I am looking to lease the following Murano in Southern California. I am a also first time car buyer and I am not 100% sure how the residual plays against the lease price, so I'd appreciate any feedback on the lease and residual information I have below. Thanks.

    The car I want is a 2007 Murano SL, FWD with cloth and sunroof package and a couple of small add-ons. The MSRP on this car is $32,860.

    I am trading in a car valued at $3,900 as a down payment and it will count for the first month payment and total drive off including all taxes.

    The monthly payment offered is $383/month total which includes taxes. It is for a 39 month lease.

    That means the total payments and trade in value after 39 months is $18,454. And the residual on the Murano is around 55%, so that value would be $18,073. That adds up to $36,527.

    Does this residual math make sense and does this sound like a fair deal or is it high?
  • emc17emc17 Posts: 26
    Hi, I was wondering if your monthly payment includes sales tax or before. Thanks.
  • This was the total cost out of pocket per month. no tax will be added.
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