2013 Lexus ES 350 Extended Warranty

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In case anyone is looking for extended warranty from Lexus...here's my recent experience.

Based on multiple recommendations, I contacted Toby Rivers. He did have the best quote and easy to work with. I am located in another state, but he was able to help me.

The way the Platinum extended warranty works is that you can build the # of years and # of miles on the warranty. For example, you can pick 7yr/75k, 8yr/75k, 8yr/100k, or 10yr/100k. The # of years and # of miles are from the original date of purchase. For us, our original 4 yr warranty is expiring and the car currently has 30k, this means with an 8yr/75k, we'll get another 4 yrs and 45k to go. If you sell the car before the extended warranty expires, you can get a prorated refund or transfer to the new owner.

I called our local Lexus dealer, and they don't even come close to Toby's quote. One dealer quoted $450 more than what Toby quoted me, and said that it was a steal, because the retail price of the warranty was actually double. Thankfully I called Toby first so I know what the going price was supposed to be.

Don't wait 'til last minute like we did. Should start checking on the pricing a month or 2 before your original warranty expires. Thank goodness Toby was responsive even though he was very busy. He answered his emails very quickly.

I highly recommend extended warranty. We have another car, a Honda, that we purchased the extended warranty, and we ended up using it a lot because the car frequently had transmission issues. When the warranty expired, I didn't want to take any chance so we sold the car. Of course, Honda decided to recall the car on the transmission issue after I sold it. But the warranty helped offset thousands of repair costs.


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