2015 Ford Fusion S - Moisture, mold, mildew found on interior light console, headliner, a pillar.

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About 2 weeks ago I traded in my 2011 Honda Civic for a 2015 Ford Fusion S. I always admired the fusions and decided to upgrade to something bigger. So far, i am not too happy. We've had a bit of humid/warm weather this past week here in New York. It had also rained a few days as well. A couple of days ago, i noticed brown spots that had appeared by the drivers side windshield and a few brown/black spots on the a pillars. There was also black specks that developed on the interior light console as well. Very gross. I immediately made an appointment with the dealership to have it looked at and ended up being surprised when they told me "they found no moisture" after running it through the car wash. They ended up cleaning up the brown spots on the headliner and sent me along my way. Fast forward to today: After we had some rain yesterday, i noticed a water stain about 7-8 inches by the driver's side on the headliner. Made me furious. I called dealership again and they're going to look at the car again on Monday. My question is this: has anyone experienced something similar with the headliner/windshield leaking water or moisture on the '15 fusions? This car only has 15,000 miles on it. Practically new and I'm already having issues. Very disappointing. If this continues, is this worth fighting to get another vehicle?
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