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2010 Lincoln Town Car - AC out Suddenly Twice and Dead Battery (related or coincidence?)

2010_lincoln2010_lincoln Posts: 1
edited June 2017 in Lincoln
2010 Lincoln Town Car, 100k miles - was a one owner car when we purchased it one month ago, the car came with documented service records and appeared to be a great car.

The AC did work and cooled but had some days where it didn't seem ice cold and we thought perhaps it was just the heat (Texas), but worked pretty well nonetheless for a month.

Last Wednesday morning 06/14, the battery was dead and when we jump started it the hood was open and, within just a few minutes, there were two smooth 'bursts' of 'fog', each burst lasting 5-10 seconds with approximately one minute in-between. We thought it might have been the compressor for the air shocks or something else, as this didn't appear to be a high-pressure blast. Also our focus was on the dead battery. It should also be mentioned that nothing was left on like lights to drain the battery, it was a mystery.

The next morning the battery was yet again dead, so we removed the battery, bought a new one and installed it. The car started with the new battery and it didn't take long to realize the AC was completely out. This time when we started the car, there was no decompression burst / no steam.

Incidentally, when the dead battery was removed we discovered it was fairly new (02/17) but replaced it with a new one anyway.

The local mechanic said the AC compressor was beginning to disintegrate, metal pieces were beginning to find their way internally and needed to be replaced. He replaced both the compressor and the dryer - he completed the AC repair work in one day for just over $1k on Thursday 06/15.

On Friday 06/16 the car drove great and AC was ice cold, drove about ~ 100 miles that day and did not attempt to start the car again for almost 2 days over the weekend.

Today Sunday 06/18 (Happy Father's Day) the new battery was dead. Again there was nothing left on to drain the battery, of this we are sure - so another mystery. Upon jumping the battery (cables touching only, other car did not need to be started), the car started immediately.
Within 5 minutes of the car starting, while the hood was still open, the Same two bursts of fog occurred and the AC is not cooling at all.

Does anyone know of related issues with dead batteries and AC issues with these cars? If so, please advise on any solutions and/or advice you can offer.

Thank you!

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