2003 Mercury Mountaineer V8 - Vehicle didn't move in traffic CAR WAS ON

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I was driving the 2003 Mercury Mountaineer which is a 2WD and a V8 today. I was driving and a red light came up with a slight hill to it. I was on the hill and when I came to a complete stop the vehicle went to a neutral state. I was in DRIVE still and all the lights on my dash came on (such as ABS light, battery light, check engine soon light). I put on my emergency lights, changed gears back to drive and still no movement and lights still on. I then proceed to put the vehicle in park, put my emergency brake on, and turned the vehicle off (can't remember if the motor was still running or not at this point). I turned on the vehicle and everything was back to normal and proceed to put it into drive and went on with my day. No lights were on my dash at this point again.

Ever since I purchased the 2003 Mercury Mountaineer from a friend, I noticed when I come to a full stop that if I am going fast and start to slow down quickly that the vehicle will have a 'jolt' back and forth motion when coming to a stop and when coming to a full stop the vehicle will feel like it has come to a STOP move. I am not sure why this happens. Could this be because of an ABS sensor?

My questions are,

Why did the vehicle come to a neutral state with all the lights on the dash? (vehicle went downhill when I left go of gas, that made me assume it was in neutral)

Why does my vehicle make that rough braking when I begin to come to a full stop? (gets a bit worse in rainy conditions)

- Steve
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