2008 Saturn Vue Electrical issues!

cars1961cars1961 Member Posts: 1
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Electrical issues! So Saturday, I noticed that my car wasn't starting until I released the key then it would crank right up. It continued to do this through Sunday. Monday morning I went out and the car would not start at all. I tried to jump it to no avail. I hear the solenoid click when I turn the key to start, but that's it. I also noticed that the headlights aren't coming on when you turn the key on or when you unlock the car with the fob. They come on with the manual switch just fine. A Mechanic buddy of mine came by with his portable jumping testing device and that wouldn't start it either, it did however say that the battery was good. At first he thought it might be the ignition switch, but now that the headlights aren't  coming on with the key or the fob, He is second guessing that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA
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