Should I change motor or can I redo cylinder heads

soccerdad17soccerdad17 Old Hickory, TNMember Posts: 1
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I have a 03 Montana with a 3400. The other day out of nowhere it started smoking and water was pouring out of the exhaust with a ruff smell. I had already planned on changing the intake gasket and ordered the kit for it. It has had a slight miss and hesitation for a little while but it was only on take off. When I took lower intake off the rear head looked almost new where the front head looked ruff. So just for giggles I did a pressure test on the front head to see if a valve was going bad causing the miss. Number 2 sealed good 4 was pouring air and 6 had slight leak but when I put compression tester on all 3 nothing no compression. I was told that it is probably a lower end problem I'm not to sure on that tho so I'm wondering should I put a motor in it or can I just do heads on it and put it back together and have no worries. Whats your thoughts. Thanks
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