2002 Acura TL - Advice Dealing with a Shop

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I need some advice concerning talking to a shop. Here's a shorter version of the the story so far (and sorry it's still rather lengthy)

My husband picked a crap transmission shop, put a rebuilt one in a year ago on our 2002 Acura TL, started having issues again (having trouble switching gears and then drops into gear hard, feels like the car stops and then jumps into the gear which were the same initial problems we had it rebuit for) that first presented in a cold snap (30 degrees, live down south) 1,500 miles before the warranty was up. We called and documented the problem but since we were 600 miles away it wasn't like we could just drop it off for them to look at it.

They assured us if we had any additional problems to let them know and they would cover it if it was even a little over mileage because of the distance to get it there. Cold snap ended and no more problems until a few months later on our move back down to South Florida. Doing 75, the car starts revving high (3-4) and the engine light comes on. Stopped the car and there's tranny fluid all over the tires and dropping on the ground.

At this point, we are over the mileage on the warranty. Bring it back to the shop and they agree to fix it if we pay for parts. When we picked it up, they told us they flushed the transmission and replaced the shift linkage. The service engine light is still on. Within 100 miles, same trouble shifting. They tell us to bring it back and driving it will be fine. Made it about 5 miles and D5 starts blinking and TCS light comes on, so I towed it.

At at this point, I'm pissed at about everyone. My husband for picking a crappy shop, the crappy shop for being so incompetent, - so I go to talk to them myself. Find out he made the part for the shift linkage(not bought a used one actually physically made a part for it) and of course had said nothing to us prior about this we apparently did pay for labor even though they said we would only have to pay for parts. I know it can't have cost $350 to make a part and buy some transmission fluid even if he did in fact buy the Honda fluid.

This is what they say is wrong - something with the 3rd gear clutch pack and the shifter needs to be replaced and possibly the PCM. From what people have informed me on here, it's not worth it unless we switch out the tranny for the 2006 or 2007 Honda Accord because the problems will just keep happening. I seriously doubt the capabilities of this shop to do the swap in the first place.

I did stop at AutoZone before we brought it in this second time. These are the codes:

P1607 PCM Internal Circuit Malfunction
P0740 Automatic Transaxle Lockup Clutch System Malfunction (which I know is basically the code of death)
P1751 A/T Hydraulic Pressure Control Malfunction (Mechanical)
P1710 A/T First Hold Switch Circuit Malfunction

I'm going back tomorrow to try and talk with them one more time and see if I can't get them to take some responsibility. I've been considering fixing the 3rd gear clutch pack (which I know is essentially a band aid) and then trying to save up for the swap or selling it. I've listed in online but with 170,000 miles and a broken transmission (which I disclosed) I haven't even got any calls and I'm only asking $1500obo.

So far they offered to give us back half of the 350 to go towards the repair. I can't afford to pay a competent shop to switch out the tranny for the Accord right now. My second car, a 2004 GMC Envoy SLT is also on the fritz so I need at least one reliable daily commuter.

Does anyone have any advice regarding speaking with the shop? Anything in the story particularly stand out that they did wrong that I can point to and the mechanics of how it potentially caused more problems? I want to go in there sounding as informed as possible and I'm hoping I can get them to at least bandaid it for cheap so we can either get another few months out of it and do the swap or be able to sell it. Any resources you could also suggest so I can understand the mechanics behind Acura transmissions? Any and all advice regarding dealing with the shop or things they did incorrect would be majorly appreciated.

My main questions surrounding it are:

A) Is it normal for a transmission problem to first present in the cold?

B) I know flushing these transmissions is not necessarily a good idea and that you need a special low pressure machine, correct?

C) Could the shift linkage that he made have caused more issues by failing? He said it broke.

D) I know I shouldn't put a bandaid on the problem and throw more money into this transmission but I seriously just need a few more months use until I'm in a better financial position. I could do the swap then. Thoughts of whether people think fixing the 3rd clutch gear pack would maybe buy me some time.

E) Any and all Acura transmission knowledge or advice on how to deal with a shady shop you're trying to get to fix problems at a discount would be appreciated. I've been reading on various forums and am starting to understand the mechanics a little bit. Anything else that would be a good learning source?
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