Car Buying Advice - CRV EX-L VS Rav4 hybrid limited VS Rav4 limited my decision!

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I am stuck between Toyota Rav4 AWD limited VS CRV EXL AWD. I noticed in the Honda thread that Emunds mentions that lease option for CRV is way overpriced. Do you guys recommend the RAV4 AWD limited over CRV EXL AWD? RAV4 is way cheaper to lease. Actually, even the RAV4 HYBRID limited option is slightly cheaper than the CRV EXL option!

I am not sure which way to go, Rav limited VS rav limited HYBRID VS CRV EX-L?
For prices, CRV EX-L > limited hybrid >>>>>>>>>>>> rav limited gas.

Does CRV EXL has all those advantages for that high price?

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  • ChaseBellowsChaseBellows Member Posts: 76
    Hi @good_boy_1234 Thanks for reaching out to Edmunds! I'll be happy to help you here with your question here. When it comes to the Rav4 vs. the CR-V, we prefer the CR-V. It's not like it's bad. Far from it. It gets a "B" rating or a 3.5 star rating. The CR-V on the other hand, is a class favorite and gets a near perfect 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Check out our editorial reviews on the link below. You're right, the Rav4 typically is more inexpensive to lease. Toyota has some rock solid deals going on them to keep their sales competitive. I'm happy to review any leases that you may have seen, or can help estimate a payment if you'd like. I'd say if price is a major factor, let's compare the figures together. Send over what you saw or a quote you got and we'll go from there! I look forward to helping you through the car buying process.

  • good_boy_1234good_boy_1234 Member Posts: 71
    @ChaseBellows Thanks so much man! I actually was in rush and went for the CRV before reading your very helpful comment. Glad that my choice lined up with your recommendations.
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