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Buyer beware. After months of research and test driving just about ever SUV out there, I fell in love with the Hyundai Santa Fe. I previously thought Hyundais where cheap cars, however after renting one, I really enjoyed the power and handling. I did extensive research and learned that Hyundai spent considerable money to change their image. Improving technology, design and warranty. I continued my research and decided on the Santa Fe Limited, three row, All-Wheel-Drive, tech package, and tow package. This is the top of the line for Hyundai SUV, this would fit my lifestyle perfect and I was sold. Now that I was sure of what I wanted, I thought since I have a very high credit score and a considerable down payment, armed knowing exactly what I wanted, that buying the car would be the easy part.... I was very wrong.

I am going to try to give the abridged version....

I had researched other brands and most car manufactures will let you build the car you want on the corporate website, then they show you what dealerships have an exact or close to exact match. The Hyundai website does not, it only shows you what dealerships are near you and you can then search their inventory. On individual dealerships AWD is not an option to filter so I spent hours weeding through each car. My boyfriend and I decided to go to our local dealership to make sure we understood all the features. The short version is, Rally Hyundai has a horrible sales team. We were told we didn't need the AWD and the front wheel drive would be fine, before they even got to know why we wanted a AWD. We were not only told this by the sales person but the manager. We were also told they wouldn't bring in the car we wanted because it would cost them money. Now remember we are trying to buy top of the line, fully loaded. I also had to explain the difference between the models to the first sales associate, who left with our licenses and never came back. And this was just an abridged version of our experience with Rally. We will never purchase a car from them.

We left and I tried the website again. It would only show me the three dealerships nearest to me. So I searched on google maps and started calling other dealerships. I called 8 total and was told they would check and call me back. I did not receive one returned phone call. I then called the corporate Hyundai number, explained my situation to the customer care representative, he offered to call around and see if he could find me the SUV I wanted. He also asked if anyone had spoken to me about ordering, I said no. He placed me on hold for maybe 4 seconds and then transferred me to a dealership. He did not call around as promised. I explained to this dealership what I was looking for, he said they didn't have it, I asked about ordering the car and he said, Ya but it takes 90 to 180 days so it isn't worth it. He never even asked if that would work for me.

I was crushed. I have been researching what kind of car I wanted for a long time. And since I previously lived in Italy and New York City where I didn't need a car this was going to be my first car in about 10 years. I was so excited. Although I was crushed I decided to to contact Hyundai consumer affairs, from all my research and knowing how much they have invested in improving their brand, I thought for sure they would help me find the car I wanted.... I was wrong again. I sent an email outlining everything I have written in this message and received an email that in short said sorry you had a bad experience with Rally, keep calling around.

I'm just amazed that with all the money they spent on improving the brand, no one thought to develop a database which can locate inventory. Nor do they seem to care about their customers. Can you imagine how I will be treated after I purchase the car? It is very disappointing, I will not be purchasing a Hyundai. Back to the drawing board.


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