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Too many problems 2010 VW CC

mister_ozmister_oz Member Posts: 1
edited June 2017 in Volkswagen
After searching for a used car in the market long time I finally found a 2010 VW CC with 62k miles on it. Inspected the car myself, a drive test and purchased it. The next day I noticed the right rear door actually does not lock and alarm does not get activated also right headlamp was gone too. So the seller wanted to pay for the repairs($750) and he did which I was really appreciated. The next day I got this steering column lock sign a red flashing sign on the dash. After an online search it turned out very serious that immediately was supposed to get it fixed even there is a recall for it then it was gone by itself no problem with it so far. 2 weeks later this time the left rear door does not lock and the window does not work as well same problem with the right rear door. It turns out this is a common problem with other VW models as well which is the door lock actuator fails because of a poor design(CHEAP part) by the manufacturer then the same day the left headlamp goes off. Parts are expensive compared to Honda parts and do not recommend VW to anyone. I own a 2008 Honda Accord with 238k miles on it. It has been 2 years an there was 206k miles on it. Never had this many problems with my Honda. I really regret for buying a VW. Problems listed below

2010 VW CC Sport 2.0T 63k miles problems in a MONTH of June 2017.

-right rear door does not lock
-right rear window does not work
-right headlamp went out
-left rear door does not lock
-left rear window does not work
-left headlamp went out
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