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Error in 2016 user guide towing table?

hunkymonkeyhunkymonkey Posts: 1
edited July 2017 in Honda
The 2016 Pilot can tow 5000 pounds. That's why we bought it. There's a table in the user guide that explains how the number of people in the car reduces the amount you can tow. For 2 people, the limit is 5000 pounds. For 3, it's 4750. Each additional person subtracts 250 pounds from the max trailer weight. So for 6, it's 4000. Awesome. I have 7 people I want to take. The table says for 7 people, the limit is 2500 pounds. WHAT??? 6 people all subtract 250 from the max trailer weight and the 7th subtracts 1500? I submitted a question to Honda customer support and they basically just read the table back to me, assuming the manual is right. I asked for a more informed response and they told me to ask my service center. But I have qualms about doing that because they haven't been very impressive with their knowledge of the vehicle, so I'm hesitant. Customer support made the believable statement that person number 7 is sitting in the back row, so may contribute more than expected due to their nearness to the rear axle and the hitch. But I argued that person 6 also has to sit in the back, and they only subtract 250 from the max weight. I want the max weight to be more like 3750, like I'd expect the math to say, so I can pull my trailer. Am I right about that table being wrong? Or is there a reason person #7 adds 6 times as much weight to the vehicle as anyone else?
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