Car Buying Advice - Buying a 1500 Denali Questions

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I'm Looking at picking up a 1500 Denali with the ultimate package and some add on but i have some questions i hope you guys can answer!

1. i'm looking at picking up the rear seat dual headrest DVD system, but i have no clue what it looks like from factory, and can't seem to find a pic or video of one in a Denali can anyone help with that?

2. i'm looking at picking one up at the end of the month, as i need to have it before winter hits. i'm also curious in the 2018 models though to see what they have done, does anyone know when they will be showing them, exterior/interior and features? and roughly when i would be able to order one?

3.anyone who bought one have any regrets? as in problems, or just things they wish they installed but didn't?

4. roughly a good buying price just to get an idea of what i should be paying.

Thanks for your time guys much appreciated.


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