Just got a brand new Honda Odyssey 2018

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Last year I posted the lease deal I got for my Mercedes Benz 2017 GLC 300 so I figured I should share the deal I got for my 2018 Honda Odyssey. I don't know if I got a good deal so please feel free to comment.
I got my car today 7/2/2017 and here are the details:

Model: Honda Odyssey 2018 EX-L with Navi and RES
Finance for 60 months.
MSRP: $40,840.00
Discounted MSRP: $38,700.00
Pre-installed accessories: $2,140.00 (this is KARR alarm system and other minor stuff)
Document fee: $80.00
Tax: $3,171.30 (California, Orange County)
Transfer charge: $29.00
License fee: $266.00
Titling fee: $111.00
California Tire fee: $8.70
Total: $44,506.05
Downpayment: $8,000.00
Total to be financed: $36,506.05

My monthly payment is $646.12 with an APR of 2.39%.
I tried to remove the pre-installed accessories because I never needed an alarm system on any of my cars, but they said that they could not remove that.

What do you guys think? Hope this is helpful if you are looking for a new 2018 Odyssey.
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