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2000 Grand Am Blower Motor

JSBJSB OhioPosts: 1
edited July 2017 in Pontiac
Changed blower motor and resister last year worked for about 6 mounts then only on high changed relay worked on high about a month now nothing ?


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 24,095
    edited July 2017
    You have a fuse that's 20 amp for the HVAC blower motor. Find that from your owner manual as to location of the fuse block and check it. That supplies power for the 3 lower fan speeds through the resistor pack which you replaced one time.

    There is a 30 amp fuse for HI Blower motor. That is a direct circuit to the blower motor and should work if any part of the earlier resistor circuit doesn't.

    Or the blower motor is completely dead. Check contacts at connector for blower motor for heat damage or burning.

    If the control switch feels normal as it moves from contact to contact, if likely is okay.
    There is a blower motor relay in a fuse/relay box most likely u nder the hood, but check the owner manual.
    If that has both contacts burned that might explain no blower at all. See if there's another relay in the box that has the SAME PART number as the blower relay; you might interchange the other one to see if it makes a difference.

    The only other far out thing might be the wire from the ignition switch--not the lock cylinder--the switch that acutally makes and breaks contact is not getting power. That would mean that the switch never sends the signal on HI for the relay to move to the direct 30 amp circuit away from the 20 amp resistor circuit. If the ignition switch contacts wore, you likely would have something else that's not working. Also worn ignition contacts usually give a make and break, work part time and cut out with a sharp bump, etc., type of symptom. As I said far out, but it happened with some switches on leSabres after lots of wear.

    Look up the circuit diagram on under technical information in the center of the header bar. Be sure to set it for diagrams and not TSBs.

    Bassed on your symptoms, if it didn't work on the lower speeds after replacing the resistors, it's the 20 amp fuse in the passenger side box or a bad relay in the underhood box or the control switch or a bad splice in wiring. Again, see if you can substitute the relay under hood with an identical one for testing before buying a replacement.

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