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Car Buying Advice -Considering S90 vs. BMW 5 - can anyone share some thoughts or suggestions please?

iamgarygnuiamgarygnu Posts: 35
edited July 2017 in Volvo
Hi - I am driving my second 528xi and just looked at the 530i and 540i. the weekend before, i checked out the S90 which i liked quite a bit. I feel the tech is better than in the 5, however i also noticed the newer 5's seem to have improved the tech, at least a little (for example, i'd say there are now side sensors for parking instead of just front and rear).
I tend to load my cars to the hilt - my current 5 has nightvision, soft close doors, and virtually all other goodies.
My S90 test drive was quite good - i didn't trust the auto brakes (my 5 with active cruise control works perfectly) - the S90 didn't seem to engage (but it was only a single test drive), the auto steering was eerie but cool.
The controls were new to me - so i didn't know how to effectively operate the "ipad" in the console.
i tried the T6 inscription in mussel blue, and thought it was really nice. I will say going back to my 5's cabin had me thinking the 5's cabin felt dated - the rear view mirror has a large plastic edging, while the volvo's mirror looked more modern, ditto the interior.
I do think the volvo's wood on the passenger side looks like an afterthought and just stuck on - my 5's wood looks (to me) more luxurious (i also had gotten custom wood - really looks sharp).

basically, i left the test drive thinking the volvo is not quite as high on the "public" luxury tier as the 5 (i can be wrong, but that's my personal opinion), however the volvo sends more of the type of message i'd like to - conservative, safety conscious, etc. - all the while still being a luxury car.

i decided at the moment, that if the pricing was the same, i'd get the new 5, but if a better deal, i'd get the S90, i.e. i thought it was better in some ways, maybe not as good in others. i actually liked the 530i better than the 540i (530i has the 248 hp engine that seemed more responsive to me than the v6 in the 540 - i know, seems counter intuitive).

Has anyone compared the S90 to a 5, and have any opinions, good or bad? i'm not looking to bash or flame. i think they're both great cars.
Also, i tried the inscription, with the T6, which would be my inclination unless someone has a good opinion otherwise.
Thanks so much.
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