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Hybrid Owners' Roll Call

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
edited March 2014 in Honda
Please post the Hybrid vehicle you own - year, make/model



  • bg3bg3 Member Posts: 2
    2005, Honda civic.

    3000 miles, currently getting about 46mpg in "suburban" conditions.
  • jpricejprice Member Posts: 58
    '05 Silver Prius, Package #1. Picked up the day after Thanksgiving '04; 7200 miles, lifetime 47MPG and climbing.
  • krellukrellu Member Posts: 31
    '06 lexus rx 400h.
    2300 miles averaging 23-24 mpg.
  • kornklankornklan Member Posts: 29
    6400 miles in 8 months, getting about 48 to 55 MPG depending on driving conditions.
  • zacharyazacharya Member Posts: 71
    Silver, ~34k miles, lifetime avg 48.1 ...current tank 51.3
    Last filled Aug 29,2005- Pd. $2.62/gallon
    Refuse to pay over $3.00
    Will bike until it goes under $3.00
  • larsblarsb Member Posts: 8,204
    18,450 miles, 47.9 lifetime MPG, best tank 56.0 MPG.

    Lovin every minute of it !!! :D:D
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    We're not looking for any real discussion here, just a roll call of who owns what hybrids. And it's not about which is the most owned or keeping score. So please let's not get into anything like mileage comparisons, gas prices and all that. We have that covered elsewhere, thanks! Just a simple listing is all we're after here.

    So a recap to date:

    bg3 2005 Honda Civic
    jprice 2005 Toyota Prius
    krellu 2006 Lexus RX 400h
    kornklan 2005 Toyota Prius
    zacharya 2004 Toyota Prius
    larsb 2004 Honda Civic Hyrbid
  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    So far I like it real well. I have driven less than 300 miles in two months. Very quiet at the stop lights. You have to look at the tach to see if it is running. Very smooth driving. Much faster & better handling than my Suburban that I loved.
  • zacharyazacharya Member Posts: 71
    SShhhhhhhhhh!! No discussion here!!!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    No reviews and all that. Just your name rank and model # :)
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017

    I think that name rank and model # PLUS real world MPG, as many have posted above, would be much more useful in a hybrid forum.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    I know this sounds odd, but we really just want to know who has what in this topic. Just a no-frills kind of deal :)

    We have all the make/model topics where people can find out about the mileage people are getting on different models. Those would be the places to share and discuss all the other stuff!
  • lamu9lamu9 Member Posts: 4
    Honda Civic Hybrid 2005 - Automatic
  • bbyrd1bbyrd1 Member Posts: 8
    My wife and I have one 2004 Prius, Pkg 9, and one 2005 Prius, Pkg 6.
  • priusguypriusguy Member Posts: 12
  • aubfergaubferg Member Posts: 5
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    We're not after commentary here, just the hydrid that you drive. So please resist the urge! :)

  • railroadjamesrailroadjames Member Posts: 560
    25K miles
    Railroadjames(friends don't let friends drive SUVS)
  • minivanmama1minivanmama1 Member Posts: 28
    minivanmama1 Picked up new Honda Accord Hybrid on 9/2. So far I would give it a 10. Has room, enough toys to make me think I have a luxury car, pickup, and fuel economy.
  • tonysonytonysony Member Posts: 2
  • markdelmarkdel Member Posts: 56
  • carole23carole23 Member Posts: 3
    2006 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Just a reminder, we just want you to post what hybrid you own/drive. That's all we need in this topic.

    If I could tell you more than that, I'd probably have to shoot you ;) ... but that's all that *I* know at the moment.

    We'll have to live with the mystery and suspense a little while longer!!
  • geminijaxgeminijax Member Posts: 24
    2005 Prius (package #6)
  • jayhjjayhj Member Posts: 3
  • tomslycktomslyck Member Posts: 70
    2006 Highlander Hybrid Limited
  • kevregkevreg Member Posts: 11
    2005 Toyota Pruis
    Package #6 Super White
  • klauxklaux Member Posts: 2
  • cal_calcal_cal Member Posts: 39
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    Mine - 2005 Prius, Salsa Red package 4
    Wifes - 2005 Prius, Black package 6
  • hybrid_brihybrid_bri Member Posts: 15
    2005 Civic, 5-speed in eternal blue pearl
  • flynfredflynfred Member Posts: 1
  • loosegooseloosegoose Member Posts: 4
    Lexus 2006 400h

  • bmorebmore Member Posts: 3
    2006 Toyota Highlander Limited with Nav 4WD
  • cdptrapcdptrap Member Posts: 485
    3500+ miles, 28.2 MPG mixed.
  • bar10dahbar10dah Member Posts: 4
    '05 Honda Accord Hybrid w/Navi
  • cfox1cfox1 Member Posts: 3
    2006 Ford Escape Hybrid
  • maxamigomaxamigo Member Posts: 72
    mine: 2006 Lexus 400h
    other half: 2005 Prius
    old mine: 2001 Prius (sold)
  • eaaeaa Member Posts: 32
    03 CIVIC Hybrid, CVT trans, 55 mpg, 42K miles with no problems.Love it. Jim
  • chieftainchieftain Member Posts: 1
    2003 Honda Civic Hybrid
  • chops57chops57 Member Posts: 5
    2005 lexus 400h
  • candidocandido Member Posts: 2
    I have a white Lexus 2006 rx400h.
  • prophotogaprophotoga Member Posts: 2
    Wife has a 2005 Toyota Prius(currently showing 58.9mpg this tank) Tideland Pearl pkg 6
    I have a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid(currently showing 34.6mpg)Metalic Silver Premium Pkg + moon roof.
  • quasar4quasar4 Member Posts: 110
  • drinkingfrogdrinkingfrog Member Posts: 8
    `06 HH, silver, Limited trim with navigation.
  • bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    05 Prius and 06 Highlander :D
  • doccdocc Member Posts: 24
    2005 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD
  • pguy12pguy12 Member Posts: 1
    2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD
  • vetfannyvetfanny Member Posts: 11
    DOes anyone have positive snow experience with the Hnda Accord Hybrid. My brother-in-law has a Civic Hybrid and says it drives poorly in snow due to the battery being in the rear.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,135
    Hi vetfanny,
    You're more likely to get responses from other HAH owners if you post your question in our Hybrid Honda Accord 2005 discussion.

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