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baby powerstroke f 150

plumbcrazyplumbcrazy Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford
I was reading some old posts about why ford hasent released the f-150/expedition v-6 baby power stroke diesel. The main reason I read was emmisions, well I know the truth about why.

Everyone knows the f 150 is the best selling vehicle on earth or at least has been, most f 150 ownwers trade them in for a new one every 3-5 years.

With a v6 turbo diesel, the engines will last much longer than the gas versions so f 150 owners will not trade them in as usual and sales will plummett.

ever see any f 250/350 powerstrokes 2-5 yrs old on the lot? Nope! maybe with 200k or more you may find them and they hold their value better than a Lexus or mercedes.

The baby powerstroke has been in use for a couple years in commercial cab over trucks with positive results. It uses two turbos, one small for low end and one larger for top end, they make about 250hp and 440 ft lbs. Tests have been done and there are some prototypes running around in other countries in f-150's and they are getting close to 30 mpg's hwy economy.

If Ford was smart especially with fuel prices as they are they would release it. I guarantee all the dedicated brand truck buyers would be buying the f 150 diesel for fuel economy alone and it would more than make up for repeat sales and it could help conserve energy so truck and suv buyers could have their "big" vehicles and still get good economy.

my biggest complaint is the bed size of the crew cab f 150 and all the people who own them agree, why cant Ford make a standard (or close to it) size bed on the crew cab?

I'm shopping for a new truck and love everything about the new f 150 except that, then I drove the new Toyota tundra double cab and I have to say even being a true ford guy Im going to buy one....

If ford made a longer bed I'd buy it, even if they didn't but made the baby powerstroke I'd buy it!

Ford, get a clue.......its time!

Be the first to make a 1/2 ton diesel I dont want to change my brand to a Toyota, but I have to say the Tundra rides smoother, is as quiet if not more,has a smoother engine and more power....and has a full size bed. What use is a deeper bed? You cant see crap around you in the f 150, maybe the "backup sensor" should be standard as I have already seen a few smashed 04/05's around and in almost the same areas on the trucks.

Come'on a 25-30 mpg hwy full size f 150 is a dream come true!

The new 5.4 is not bad but everyone I know who has one gets no more than 15mpg's even though its rated at 19 mpg's hwy........maybe at 55.

My 2000 5.4 does just as good.

Time to step up to the plate Ford! You could have the best 1/2 ton pick up ever made and sales would surpass the new mustang....which I love.....I have a real one

my 67 mustang


  • The truth is that the average buyer trades in a new car every 3.5 years. That does not seem to change regardless if the car will last a total of 6 years or 15 years. People like to change not because they need to, but because they want to. Buying decisions are emotion based decisions. The diesels do seem to stay with the original owner longer than the average. It is also true that a lot of diesels are traded in and you don't see them because sales people have lists of people that are witing for a good diesel trade-in because they can't afford a new one. They are in demand so they get taken very quickly. I took a trade in on a Saturday afternoon. I didn't start again until noon on Monday. The truck was already cleaned, bought and delivered before I got in.
  • i would buy a f150 with a powerful and efficeint baby powerstroke

    and then keep it forever
  • I think Ford got scared when the 6.0 issue cropped up. Most of that was their own fault, as they turned down IH when they offered to do the programming on the engine (as they did and do it for all of the 6.0s they have out for other uses).

    IH also had a problem that caused grief, that being a new injector plant in conjunction with someone else (forget the name), upshot was they had mu8ltiple issues. Ford had to re-program twice before they got most of the problems resolved.

    Ford backed out on the 4.5 and paid a $160 million dollar penalty to IH. Now they are too close to the new 2007 standards to do it (and they are chicken, doing a lot of following everyone else, but nothing innovative).

    Now rumors of a 6.4 Powerstroke for the mid year 2006 (meet the 2007 standards) and maybe common rail instead of the HEUI injection system. Stay tuned.
  • tobianotobiano Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 F150 and drive 80 miles per day. Current gas prices drive me crazy but I can afford them. With my two horse trailer attached I get just about 10 mpg. I would love to have a diesel avaialbe because of longevity and mileage. I disagree that Ford is holding back because of trade-ins...I trade in my vehicles every 3 years no matter what because I need a reliable vehicle and I am not inclined to do major repairs any longer. Ford is missing this segment of owners who do not need heavy hauling capabilities and good gas mileage. In my state (Washington) we have an excise tax on diesel but I do not care. The increase in mileage trumps the extra tax. I just want to have a good vehicle to drive daily and hate to drive my 2003 Mustang convertible just to save money. I would drive an F150 diesel daily but now have to compromise and drive the Mustang because it gets 9 mpg more than my F150 5.4L. I will be the first person in line to order the F150 diesel and buy one every 2.5 to 3 years.
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