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Ford Focus: MPG-Real World Numbers



  • gkachmargkachmar Posts: 2
    You're right about the 18" wheels, but I think even 17" wheels are too big for a car this size, unless you are after handling above considerations such as ride comfort and not getting blowouts when hitting a pot hole.

    "One Ford" is open to interpretation. To me it means selling basically the same cars here and in Europe, not selling two or three similar models in each area. Compare the vehicles offered by Ford UK, Ford Germany and Ford USA.

    In Europe Ford has abandoned cars larger than the Mondeo and most sedans, ceding those markets to GM, VW/Audi, BMW, MB, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai etc. Here they have given up on station wagons, are just beginning to offer turbos and Diesels are limited to trucks.

    With almost all manufacturers except BMW and Mercedes dropping wagons in favor of higher profit SUVs in the USA it is less a matter of what people want to buy than of what manufacturers choose to sell. You can't buy wagons or Diesels if they are not available for sale

    With gas prices over $4 a gallon and rising, the difference between "up to 40 mpg" and easily attaining 40-50 mpg in everyday driving becomes more and more obvious.

    The last Diesel I rented in Europe was a Peugeot 407 wagon, about the size of a BMW 5 series. It delivered 50+ mpg overall in back road cruising in relatively flat areas. That the Focus only managed 43 mpg overall was because most of the driving was in congested city traffic or mountain roads. No USA Focus comes close to 43 mpg overall, much less the 55 mpg we saw at a steady 70 mph on highways.

    I wish Ford well with their marketing plans, but remain disappointed at the range of models and drive trains available here.
  • I was just trying to analize/get ideas why MY ford focus isn't performing as it should.Glad you did get 36 mpg, just wish I could reach that mark too. Ford service hasn't come up with a solution yet. I drive 100- to 250 miles per day in my work so that is why it is such a big issue to me. Makes for a big dent in my wallet comparing best at 29,84 mpg compared to advertised 36/37 mpg. Have generally exceeded mpg rating on most previously owned cars. Thanks for any input.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A reporter is looking for a car shopper who thinks 40 MPG is a requisite before they buy. If you have recently shopped for a car, and you have only considered cars that get 40 MPG, and you are willing to share your story with a reporter, please contact with your daytime contact information no later than Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at noon Pacific/3 p.m. Eastern.
  • theshumtheshum Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2010 Focus SE with 48K miles this past weekend. As a test, reset the MPG for my commute this morning and got 45 MPG. Now my commute has almost no stops and is about a 25 minute drive. I live in Southern AZ and the roads are pretty flat. Not very many lights to be stopped at on my commute, and it is mostly highway/interstate.

    Obviously I can't guarantee I will always get this MPG, but I am pretty happy about it.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    I purchased a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium. It has 1240 miles on it and I am only getting 21 MPG. I drive mostly city which is flat. This does not seem to be
    good. I was told that I needed to wait longer for the car to break in by the dealer. Up to the first service which is 7500. Is that right? The manual says that there is a 1K break in period. I get about 250 miles out of one tank.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Yeah that is unusually bad. Go on and you'll see that most people average 31-32. Of course if all you take is short city trips with lots of stops it'll be significantly worse than that. My mileage gradually increased a few mpg over 3,000 miles, now have about 4,500 on the odo and averaging 33 in suburban driving. But short low-speed trips will kill mileage in any car. What were you driving before and what mileage did you get on the same route?
  • I have had my 2012 ford focus se sport since last june, have 26000 miles plus on it and still get an average of 29.58 mpg using 100% gas and driving 90 % on flat four lane road.
    I would suggest you continue to keep in contact with the dealership if your mileage does not improve. By their ( Ford) standards; do 5 fillups and document the mpg on each tank of gas and then divide by 5 the total miles to see what your average is then. The added frustration of the under-performance is seeing a ford add humpteen times a day on their 40 mpg cars. Argggg.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    I was driving a Mazda Tribute(compact SUV) and getting about 14 MPG.
    My commute to work is about 6 miles on streets. Actually that is not
    100% true. Most of the mornings I do try to use the freeway but I'm only on that maybe 4 miles? I think I should see at least 27-28 not 20-21.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    I think your expectations were too high. Depending on the year and engine of your Tribute, the EPA ratings of the Focus are probably around 50% higher than the Tribute, not double. So why would you expect double the fuel economy on the same route and driving habits? In fact, you're getting exactly 50% better mileage with the Focus, as the difference in EPA ratings would suggest.

    I was getting about 20mpg on my commute with my '08 Mazda Tribute V6 AWD, and getting 33mpg with the Focus now, a 65% increase. Applying that 65% increase to your Tribute's 14mpg, you should be seeing 23mpg with the Focus (14 * 1.65 = 23). But if your Tribute did not have V6 and/or AWD, you would be seeing less of a % increase, in other words closer to the 50% discussed above.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    So here's the the thing. My Mazda was a v-6 all wheel drive. It was slated to get 18/23 MPG. Probably more than anything the reason my mileage was so low was because it had over 100K and not maintained very well, just oil changes every 3500K.

    But to compare my Mazda with the focus is an unfair comparison. Two completely different beasts.

    The posted EPA ratings for my Focus are 27 city 38 highway with a 31 mixed.

    If I look on sites like Edmunds and people are getting around those numbers.

    My car is currently in the shop and I'm renting a 2012 Yaris and driving it the same way I do my focus along the same route and I'm getting 26MPG. So something else is going on with my car.

    And no I don't think I'm expecting too much. I based my purchase like I think a lot of others do based on those MPG numbers.

    If you have to drive with the AC off or the Windows open or you have to get out an push to get those numbers then they are not realistic.
    The numbers shouldn't be from a test track or a Dyna machine, they should be real world.

    To me and I've asked others, city driving means a lot of stop and go and short drive lengths between lights.

    Highway is free flowing traffic allowing for the engine to work optimally at the 65MPH.

    Mixed is a combination of stop and go and full flowing.

    Anyways, there was a recall out to have the Power Train Module(PTM) and another module which I'm forgetting the name of to be re-programmed so I'm hoping that helps.

    Also of note, i read on a forum that this recall notice was applied to a persons focus who was getting 29MPG and after the notice was applied they were now getting 20MPG. Hmmmm...
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    You're missing the point - your Tribute was probably rated about 20mpg combined. But you only got 14mpg due to your driving habits, which is 0.7 of 20. So it's reasonable to apply that 0.7 to the Focus's combined rating as well. And wouldn't you know it 0.7 of the Focus's combined rating of 31 is 21.7. That's what you should expect to get.

    You can't expect one car to perform significantly better relative to its EPA rating than another car on the same route.

    And the Yaris - how many days have you been driving it? You need at least 3-4 days of the same type of driving to compare apples to apples. It's the high time percentage of driving with a cold engine that's killing your MPG (on both your Tribute AND your Focus). In other words, many short trips versus fewer long trips is bad for fuel economy.

    It is not a "recall" you're talking about, it's an "FSA" which means it's voluntary. If you're talking about the forum "focusfanatics", there are many on there who've had it done and 99% praise the results. They love it. I haven't seen anyone complain of reduced fuel economy afterwards.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    If 21.7 is what I should expect than that should've been the number that was in bold not these other superfluous numbers that apparently aren't real. Again, thats what I based my purchase on. If I had seen 21MPG I might as well have purchased another Tribute because I was getting 21MPG when it was new!

    In regards to the Yaris I've had it for 3 days driving the same route and actually more aggressive and have seen better gas mileage, 26MPG, what I expect to see from my focus based on the posted MPG, so please explain.

    "Recall" is what the dealer called it and they didn't say that it was voluntary.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Wait a minute, you just said you were getting 14 mpg in the Tribute on your commute.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    I was but when it was new I was getting around 20-21.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    OK well the point is, as simple as I can make it, you were getting roughly 23% below the Tribute's EPA city rating, and now you're getting roughly 23% below the Focus's EPA city rating. That's very consistent and should really not be a surprise to you. You're not going to achieve the EPA city rating on any car on your relatively severe commute (from a fuel economy standpoint). So don't bash the Focus because of it. Did you bash the Tribute on all the forums when you weren't achieving its city rating?

    You've had the Yaris for 3 days which means you're probably reading 26 mpg from the on board computer, which can often be way off on most cars. When you fill it up exactly as you filled it up to begin with (assuming you did) and calculate the mileage, you may find it's only 23-24. But wouldn't you expect the Yaris to get much better mileage than the Focus? The Yaris is 10% shorter, weighs 20% less and has 33% less horsepower. I sure hope it gets better fuel economy or the world is coming to an end.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    well you're basing that 23% rating on the Tribute 10 years after I've owned it with 100K miles compared to a new car. I don't think thats a fair comparison.

    As far as the on board computer goes, its accurate. I've been keeping track of my MPG and it aligns with it.

    All I'm saying is I keep hearing oh its how you drive or when you drive or what you have on etc. And all I'm saying is that if those EPA numbers aren't real, then they should be changed. Period.

    I have a co-worker who has a 2010 Focus that drives much more harder and aggressive and get better MPG then I do and was quite surprised as well.

    Anyways I'm not bashing I'm just asking around.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Everyone knows fuel mileage tends to get better with increased miles. Less internal engine friction and what not. Your Focus mileage will only get better unless you don't do maintenance and have dragging brake pads or something.

    How can you have checked the Yaris's computer with a fill up and hand calculation if you've only had it 3 days?

    The EPA numbers are real - for most people. One number is not going to cover everybody. Most posters on focusfanatics report beating the EPA numbers consistently, including me.

    And if you took the time to read it you'll notice the EPA sticker has a range of ratings. The Focus's city rating says "Expected range for most drivers 22 to 32". So you're on the bottom end of that range. So the EPA ratings don't need to be changed just because you can't achieve them due to your short city commute.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    So let me ask you this. What is your definition of City and Highway driving?
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    For the purposes of EPA ratings, 'city' and 'highway' are specific test cycles developed by the EPA for car manufacturers to test their cars against to determine numbers with which consumers can cross shop different brands and models. A car's city rating does NOT tell you what you WILL get in the city, it tells you what you should get relative to another car. If Car A is rated at 30 and Car B is rated at 32, you should get roughly 7% better fuel economy in Car B in most driving conditions, but not necessarily 32. If you got 20 mpg in Car A, you should get 7% better, or 21.4 mpg in Car B.

    That's it. And that scenario holds perfectly true in your Tribute / Focus comparison.

    Look, I'd like to continue to help you understand but I'm exhausted and frankly I don't think you're going to get it.

    Best of luck to ya........
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    I agree I don't think you're getting the picture. Again its not valid to test against the tribute because its not new and its got a lot more miles. You need to compare it to another focus.
    You're comparison is apples to oranges. Like your previous example comparing the focus to the yaaris. In that comparison you stated that the Yaaris was lighter and shorter thus giving me the extra MPG. The tribute has a much bigger engine and is all wheel drive and is much heavier.
    I should expect to get at least 25MPG in the focus compared to the tribute based on the EPA City average not the bottom of the barrel.

    I do agree I think its time to move on from this conversation.

  • 17inches17inches Posts: 5
    A drop this pronounced could be attributed to increased traffic or, most likely, worn out spark plugs. I would suspect the spark plugs (or other mechanical problem) , but I supposed it would already failed an emission's inspection, which really points at some heavy traffic.
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    Either the onboard computer is lying to me or this thing is consistently beating the gov sticker that was on the car when purchased brand new. Again, have the SE 5spd sedan, 90% hwy driving mostly ABOVE posted speeds ;) , dash is telling me 36.7mpg. I'm so cool with this based on the fun factor the car brings in the corners + the price point of the car overall. Strongly suggest for anyone reading here and doing their research, check out the 2012 Focus MANUAL tranny models. Can't say enough about it. Not sure about all the automatic transmission hub-bub that's out there. Fun factor is there when you drive a standard trans. You and the car connect. Even when I hand wash 'er in the driveway, THIS Ford, I swear is talkin' to me. :)
  • For actual mileage; divide the numbr of gallons you put into your tank after fill-up to total miles driven during that episode. Congratulations if you are getting that mileage. I haven't been so fortunate yet. I filled up 5 times, resetting my trip miles at each tank refill and devided the miles each time After the 5 fillups I divided the total gallons into the total miles from thosecombined fillups and got 29.81 mpg. Boo Hoo. Not happy about that.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Congrats on the 36.7mpg. I'm averaging around 33 overall in a suburban commute with lots of stops but some stretches of mpg-optimum 50mph.

    Beware though, my dash calculator has been consistently about 1-2 mpg too high. You may actually be looking at around 35 mpg, which is still good especially if you're driving fairly aggressively as you allude to doing.

    I have the DCT and while it did have some early growing pains it has smoothed out (normal break in?) and works pretty much flawlessly now.
  • rlc001rlc001 Posts: 9
    We just picked up our new 2012 Focus Titanium HB in Sonic Blue with Sport Shift, Winter, Roof, Navi, Parking, and Remote Start. This car was built on 5/27/12 so it has all the latest fixes on the DCT and the MFT and is part of the Job#2 built which included the 4-way head rest and the flex fuel badging, in addition to the fixes on DCT and MFT. So far the car runs great! On 1 highway trip from south Denver to CU Boulder, the car computer registered that 45 mile trip to have a 54.5 MPG!!! Gotta love that if it is a true figure. Car is still too new to tell if that MPG is way over estimated by the car computer. Car still only has ~350 miles on it. So far so good and we are loving the car!
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    That may very well be the figure while you were on cruise control and going more downhill than uphill (a good possibility in Colorado) and with a tail wind. But don't get your hopes up, such a figure in unachievable when you include the off-highway city driving before and after the highway part of the trip, and on other highway trips when you may have a stiff headwind or are going uphill. Good luck.
  • rlc001rlc001 Posts: 9
    I did another round trip yesterday Denver to CU Boulder to Denver (~90 miles total) and averaged over 39+ MPG with normal (spirited) driving and not on cruise.

    How have your MPG been now that your car has been more "broken-in" since new? Still love your car with no regrets?
  • So far not so good on the mileage. Hopefully it is true that the car needs broken in to get a good mpg. So far getting about 19. Almost all city driving. Lots of hills and stops. Anyway i bought the car to save on gas. My Impala gets only 15 mpg (epa rated 18 and 29.) I was hoping to get 25 mpg and said if I got 23 I would be happy. 19 sucks actually.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    hi there.

    how many miles do you have on the car? I have 2300 and am averaging about 21 with mostly city driving. I'm with you I was hoping to get at least 25MPG for city but it doesn't seem to be getting that.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Hey guys, mileage should improve maybe 3-4 mpg after a couple thousand miles of break in. But you also gotta remember that 4-cyl cars have a much greater variation in mileage due to driving habits than 6 or 8 cyl cars. Heavy city driving will put you further below the EPA city rating than in a 6 or 8 cyl car.

    One important trick to remember is to coast to lights or stop signs whenever possible. As soon as you see a light up ahead turn yellow start coasting. That shuts off the fuel and gives you free distance, greatly increasing your mpg.

    I'm getting 33 mpg in suburban commuting, some long stretches of 40-60mph road but also lots of stops and some city driving at the other end.
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