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Hyundai Santa Fe Real World MPG



  • Is your Santa FE AWD or FWD? 27.1 MPG is pretty good for driving 70-75mph. Did you use the car's trip computer or fill up method?

    I used the tip computer, but I know it was pretty close when I filled up because of the overall milage. I've heard the tip computers are usually off by about 1mpg so, I figure it was like 26. Rarely though did I hit 75. Usually only when I needed to pass. Other than that, I kept the SF cruise control on 71-72mph.

  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    My 2006, 2.7 is FWD----That is good mileage for yours
  • I just got my 3.3 Liter Limited a few days ago and after it sit overnight in the garage, got out my digital tire gauge and found that the tire pressure was between 27 and 28 lbs. We have an air compressor that we bought at Wal-Mart and pumped up the tires to 33 lbs (owners manual said 30 - 32 lbs).

    Checked with the dealer's service department while I was buying the vehicle and discovered that they are using 10-30 Oil.

    Owners manual and oil filler cap says you need 5W20 oil! I will bring my own oil and will be using 5W20 Synthetic Oil.

    The 3.3 Liter engine in the 2007 Santa Fe holds 5.49 us quarts according to my owners manual.

    Proper tire pressure along with the right engine oils help with mileage cold weather starting.

    From what I am seeing with the mileage indicator, looks like I will get over the EPA readings.

    Am a older driver and drive as such!
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    I did the same thing with the tires and oil. I carry a tire gauge all the time. I changed my oil the other day and used the 5w20. They use 5w30--- so they say.
    You want to hear something good--- I got a chance to check under the hood today. I had to remove the engine cover(cowl), first.
    In order to remove the 3 rear spark plugs, the intrake manifold looks like it has to come off first.
    Have a nice day
  • Many new vehicles make it virtually impossible for the home mechanic.

    Wife and I don't keep vehicles all that long as a rule (between 2 - 3 years) and being retired don't actually drive that much.

    As I previously mentioned, I have found that the Lucas Fuel Treatment helps mileage and the way vehicles run and have used it for sometime @ the rate of 2.5 oz - 3 oz per 10 gallons of Regular Unleaded Gasoline. I add it before filling with fuel so it gets mixed up good.

    The owners manual recommends regular unleaded but mentioned that for improved performance you can use higher octane.

    I will be using the 5w20 oil too and will have it changed before heading on a 2500 mile trip early this spring.
  • Thanks so much Dave and all who responded. This is incredibly helpful!
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    Ya, the new vehicles are tough. Even trying to find an honest garage is hard.
    This SF is nothing like my 1970 Roadrunner
  • kcoolkcool Posts: 6
    If you are stating mileage based on the Santa Fe's odometer MPG meter, then you are using a lot more fuel than you think. Based on info from the factory, the flow meters are calibrated at the factory according to Hyundai specs and can not be adjusted. Hyundai's insists that they (MPG Meters) operate within specs + or -, but won't say what the + or - is.

    The odd thing is that ALL the meters read about 15 to 20% higher MPG than actual fuel mileage. Typically, across the board, mileage is around 14 to 15 (actual) around town and about 20 mpg highway at 60 degrees.

    To confirm your mileage, use the conventional method for checking mileage for the next several fill ups (look at the trend and averages and you will be unpleasantly surprised.
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    Yes---that's the way I do it. The actual gallons used for the mileage traveled. And I'm still coming up lower that the sticker
  • I find my Trip Meter readings within one MPG of the readings I get when I figure the readings the old way.

    Have found that some stations pumps are not all that accurate and too that time of day, etc., can have an effect on one's figures.

    + some stations' brands do not give the same mileage as others because of additives.

    Have been doing a lot of short trips around town but just after the first of the year will be going on a 2500 mile trip and will see how the fuel mileage does then.

    Right now I have no complaints with the mileage.

    I am not an aggressive driver and try and coast up to red lights and take it easy taking off as much as possible without blocking or holding back traffic.
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    I do the same as you when I can---I coast up to the red lights, etc, but have noticed my transmission downshifts and I have to accererate. I believe the transmission is downshifting too soon.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    I've done 4 fill-ups so far, trying to fill it to the same level each time. I keep the info in a spreadsheet so I can do an incremental MPG calculation, as well as a running average MPG. My average MPG over the past 1300 miles has been 18.2 MPG. This is almost exactly what I've been averaging on the odometer mpg computer. This is for mostly stop and go city driving.

    So at least for my Santa Fe Limited AWD, I'm getting exactly what's been advertised. My MPG computer also seems to be right on.
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    That's good. I hope it gets better for you
  • We've put 500 miles on our new Santa Fe and consistently get 20 in town, and 23-27 while on the interstate. We are resetting the trip computer regularly to get real time mileage.
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    That's great---
  • Mixed driving on secondary roads and in town about 20% of the time.

    Mileage was 25.1 on regular unleaded.
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    Your timing is good----
    I filled up this morning, also mixed driving, 12.93 mpg. A far cry from the minimum of 18 they advertise.
  • What brands of gasoline have you tried?
  • My GLS 3.3L AWD (top model in Canada) has been getting decent mileage from the get go. I do actual calculations, and got 18 on the first tank, and 22 on the next 2 tanks. So I am now on the 4th tank in 3 weeks. I'm pleased with the mileage, it's much better than what I got with my 03 Avalnche. Most driving has been city. It's cool here, around freezing, so I start the car in the morning and let it warm up for 2 - 3 minutes. I think that is easier on the engine. I'm not revving it out, but do use the shiftronic all the time to control enigne speed in the city. Most trips are 10-16 miles in length, so it does get up to operating temp.
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    That sounds decent. I'm in central NY.
    I have the 2.5 but was told to document the mileage which I have been doing.
    I still don't like the way this transmission acts.
  • Keep in mind your acceleration speed and avg speed play a SIGNIFICANT role in mpg. During my break-in period of the first 1500 miles, I accelerated softley and kept it no more than 70mph. I averaged 22mpg. Now I'm past the break-in (2500), avg'ing about 75-80mph, accelerating a big quicker and Im down to 19mpg. I use 87octane unleaded, no gas treatment and factory oil.

    These numbers being thrown out here seem to be judged negatively without the proper elements to the equation. Weather conditions, steep grades, windy roads, car loads, gas quality, oil type, tire pressure, ODOM readings, etc, ALL play a part in performance and mpg. Keep those in mind when posting and we'll all have a better idea of what our SF's are actually getting.
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    Yes, I am careful on acceleration and cruising speed,and around town driving habits.
    Like I said in an earlier --the sservicemanager threw out a figure of 8000 to 10,000 miles for break in. Almost like he was trying to buy some time for the poor performance of my vehicle.
  • O.K. here are my latest numbers. It is a mixed bag to say the least.

    First leg of trip which was 170 miles all highway, I got 19mpg! Wife driving around 80mph. I took over after we topped off, and managed on second leg to get 26mpg! I drove between 65-75mph.

    I saw the same numbers on a previous trip too. It seems that my SF has a sweet spot which is between 65-75mph. Over that and the mileage goes way down. On our first trip, I got like 20mpg and my wife was driving around 80. On the way back, with me driving and slowing down, we got 27 which is a huge difference.

    So on our return trip, first leg managed 22.3 with wife driving around 75. Again, I took over for the second leg of the return trip and the numbers are not in as of right now, but I suspect them to be around 23-24mpg.

    So, it looks like on our 900 mile trip, we averaged about 22-23 mpg which isn't that good IMO, but it is better than the 15's I've seen in here.

    But something is amiss IMO. The difference in rpm from 70 to 80 is only like 200rpm and that should not create a 5mpg difference in mileage. So something is not right. Temperature was very near the same and the road was the same, so there has to be some explanation why we get 5-6mpg more when driving 70 than say at 80mph. I would expect a difference, but not one that big.

  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    I see what you mean---you wouldn't think that 500 rpm would make a difference like that.
    I topped off tonight and am looking at 15.1.
    last time it was 16.2 and the time before 12.93. All at 160 miles on the trip odom.
    I still think I have an awful drag in the transmission
  • I know this is a mpg discussion but I am 30 days away from buying a santa fe. Please elaborate on your last sentence about the awful drag in the trans please. Is yours a 4 or 5 speed auto trans or which engine size will tell me. Thanks.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Nothing is amiss in your MPG experience. You just aren't taking into account the significant effect that wind resistance plays in gas mileage. Remember that the force required to overcome wind resistance changes by the square of the velocity. So if you double your velocity, your wind resistance goes up by 4 times. This translates into significant decreases in MPG the faster you drive.

    I see a drop of at least 1 MPG when I drive 70 instead of 65. If a driver speeds and goes 80, they should experience a drop in gas mileage of at least several mpg over someone within the speed limit at 70. Prevailing winds can also change your mileage by 1 or 2 mpg depending on whether they are a head wind or a tail wind.

    Remember, the tachometer is only telling you how fast the engine is turning, not how much gasoline needs to be squirted into the cylinders to keep the engine turning at this speed.

    Here is an interesting article that talks about what is the best speed to drive for maximum MPG. Generally this is about 40 to 60 mph and depends on the vehicle. See Maximum fuel efficiency

    2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD with Touring and Premium packages
    23 to 25.5 mpg on freeways (up to 29 with a strong tail wind)
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    I have a new 2006, 2.5, four speed automatic.
    if you are getting a 2007, this situatin may not even effect you.
    Even at low speed(10-20mph) it feels like the vehicle wants to slow itself down. Like something is holding it back.
    It also downshifts very noticibly at 32mph and 19mph.
  • Hi all. Just back from a ski trip into the mountains. 3.3L AWD 5 SPD Auto. 225 miles roundtrip. Speed was 70 - 80 mph, temperature was 20 degrees, snow and wind, averaged 25 mpg. This was with 1500 miles on the speedo. My experience with vehicles is that they are not really broken in until they have 6-7000 miles on them. Currently my engine is tight, you can feel it when you let off the gas, the vehicle slows easily. I expect that, and also expect that to continue as long as the engine is in good condition, it just means that the engine compression is good. It has a side benefit too, you don't use your brakes as much. Another thing to consider is that if you have changed from a completely different vehicle, (I switched from an 03 Avalanche) it takes some time to get used to the way the new vehicle works, and is set up. I still find myself, after a month of ownership, having difficulty with the wipers, as they are on the opposite side of the steering column from the Avalanche. Give the vehicle 6-8 months, 8-10000 miles, and everything will iron itself out.
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    Thanks for your note---my mileage per gallon could still be better
    Happy New Year
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Just back from a short trip to a neighboring town (about 50 miles away). I decided to try a little experiment on the way back since traffic was extremely light. All fairly flat expressway with speed limit of 70 mph. Did the return trip using 4 different speeds (set on speed control), each for a 10 mile stretch. MPG was calculated using the on-board computer, with the reset pressed after each change in speed.

    70 mph - 23.3 mpg
    65 mph - 25.5 mpg
    60 mph - 27.1 mpg
    55 mph - 28.4 mpg

    At the end of the trial, I went back to 70 mph and got about the same 23.3 mpg. Granted, this is a very crude test, subject to numerous errors (subtle variations in terrain for instance). Ideally, if you had a long enough time, you would cycle through these speeds for 3 or 4 rounds to get error calculations for the estimates. In the end, I think the results shown here would be fairly valid. This nicely illustrates the changes in wind resistance with speed and how it effects your mileage.

    2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD with Touring and Premium packages.
    2200 miles on odometer.
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