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This topic is for Jeep owners to share their actual MPG with others. Please be sure to include the model and if it is automatic or manual!

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  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Member Posts: 168
    Running a little highway, mostly city. Capacity 19 gallons. Usually fill-up is about 16. Miles covered around 250-260. Best tank was 310 miles on the highway. Worst has been about 230. MPG by my rough estimate is about 15.5. Best was 19, worst about 14.
  • jpwalsh1277jpwalsh1277 Member Posts: 6
    Live in Aurora, CO (Denver) recent in-town, normal driving (Stock jeep) 18.66 MPG. Wife and I did a Rocky Mount. Nat. Park trip across Trail Ridge Road around through Granby, CO. and back to Aurora. Fuelled in Granby and got 22.05 MPG and then again at Buckley Air Force Base, and this fill figured at just over 19.77 MPG. Don't have 1000 miles yet. Lot of Jeep owners that I talk with indicate less MPG but, I always see "BIG" rubber on their vehicles. I normally drive with traffic flow and will see, on occasions, 70 MPH. I just stepped out of a 02 trooper S 4X4 which, did get about the same and maybe a little less MPG , normal driving, flat land however, mountains, however, was not as good as the jeep. Have not been off road yet but, other wise, the jeep drive just great. :):)
  • Took ownership at the end of May 2005 and currently have 3,200 miles on it. Love the vehicle but mileage is low. Get about 250 miles per tank and averaging 15 mpg. I've had a couple tanks get about 18 mpg when it's been mostly highway driving and I've had some 14 mpg tanks when it's been mostly city driving. I track total mileage and total gallons since purchased which gives me the 15 mpg average. If Jeep decides to do a diesel Wrangler in the future, that might help witht he mileage issue.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Member Posts: 168
    Sounds like you and I have the exact same figures. I love my Unlimited, but would have bought a diesel in a second if that engine had been offered.

    I'm already wondering if the CRD diesel will ever be offered as a replacement engine, and if it would be worth it to do all the upgrades that would be required. My neighbor replaced an old diesel in his flatbed one-ton Chevy truck, and the work seemed minimal going the other way, but the new hi-tec CRD is a whole 'other animal. Then again, these I6 4.0's have been known to go more than 200k miles (they're very strong, with heavy duty parts).
  • movingalongmovingalong Member Posts: 2
    My wife is the usual driver of our liberty. We both love the feel of the stick. She usually keeps the RPM's in the 1500 to 2000 range on flat 40 to 50 speed limits. We are pleased to find that we usually get over 20 MPG based on several fills. There is still plenty of power when you downshift.
  • blueribbonblueribbon Member Posts: 1
    got 05 wrangler rag top,cant seem to get but about 16/17 mpg,anyone got any suggestons
  • jherbstjherbst Member Posts: 19
    I have had my '05 JGC Limited -- 5.7L, Quadradrive II -- for just over 10 months. After 16K+ miles and playing with the computer vs. driving style/speed, I can now consistently get 15+ mpg for my kind of in-town driving. I have found I can get a little over 18 mpg highway by staying under 70 and being careful with the acceleration and braking. Most of the time, it's closer to 17 on the highway. The most annoying thing is the dern small fuel tank. I don't mind the cost, I just wish it wasn't so often. Something bigger than 20.8 gallons sure would be appreciated. :)
  • xkmailxkmail Member Posts: 36
    always 22 combined, around town 19mpg.
    Once I switched to synthetic oil I gained 2mpg.
    always drive 70 or so on the highway, accelerate slowly in the city.
    I am thinking of changing from 3.73 to 3.09 rear gears for $900. Anybody tried this ?
  • irishredirishred Member Posts: 7
    I was getting 17.6 now only getting about 16.8! Any suggestions for improvements?
  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    I've got three, here's my numbers

    '04 Grand Cherokee, I-6, auto, 4x2 - 19.8 mpg mixed city/highway

    '01 Cherokee Sport, I-6, auto, 4x4 - 18.5 mpg mainly highway

    '95 Wrangler, I-4, manual, lifted w/mud tires - 13 mpg(hahahaha), doesn't matter what kind of driving
  • 5213252132 Member Posts: 62
    2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ POWER-TECH I6 4.0L automatic (only comes in auto). Average is 16.8 MPG, highway is about 18-19, city is about 14-15.
  • chigirlintexaschigirlintexas Member Posts: 73
    I've only got about 600 miles on it so far, but I am getting about 15.8 mpg in the city on my '08 Grand Cherokee Overland (Hemi 5.7 V8); I will post later as I get it broken in and have some highway driving....I'm pleased with this figure, as I expected it to be more like 13 mpg...

    I love the "fuel saver" option (where the fuel is conserved because it uses 4 of the 8 cylinders when driving at a steady speed) makes me more conscious of the way I drive. Although....I can't resist just blowing off some jerk every once in a while (but then the fuel gauge just goes...."gulp")
  • ejljejlj Member Posts: 4
    It gets between 14.5 - 17 mpg on highway at 70-80 mph. City 13-16. I put about 3000 miles on a month. My driving is always with cruise on. I was told Cherokees can get in the 20's. That must be at 45 on a flat road!
  • macdragonflmacdragonfl Member Posts: 1
    City 16 to 17 Hwy 21 to 23
  • naatz1naatz1 Member Posts: 188
    Where are all the previous posts? Did this forum get archived? I used it prior to buying my 07 Laredo 4.7L V8 w/X pkg last Fall and there were a lot of posts here.

    Anyway, here is what I have measured in 3 sets of conditions after about 2000 miles of initial breakin:

    1. SE Minnesota winter driving Dec7-Jan12 25% highway/75% city driving using
    87 octane (MN requires 15% ethanol in it's gas). 1000 miles 15.8 MPG using the onboard computer. Frequent remote starting with 3-4 min warmups too, so this represents "real life" in northern climates.

    2. MN to central TX Jan26-27. Conservative driving at 65-70mph speed limits 98% fairly level freeway with 2 adults and about 400 lbs luggage. 1162 miles 62 gal or
    18.75 mpg using actual mis & gallons BUT onboard computer shows 19.4 mpg.

    3.Central TX back to MN Feb15-16. Slightly faster driving at 70-75mph, 2 adults and 500 lbs luggage (big storm "chasing" us back, bought souvenirs & too many groceries). 1181mis 64 gal 18.45 mpg $187 fuel costs, but computer showing better again @ almost 1 mpg better than actuals. So my computer calculated mpg seems to be about 1mpg or 5% better than reality, bummer.

    However, an interesting point: leaving the midwest the 87 octane gasoline is not mixed with 15% ethanol. (I have yet to try E85 due to our colder than normal hard winter where it runs rough below 10 degress and plan to try some this spring, but it's a known fact you lose 20-30% mpg/efficiency with E85.) I suspected coming back to the midwest gas pumps yesterday with a fill on the southern Iowa border my MPG might drop a bit due to this 15% ethanol ... but no, it improved?! The last 300 miles with this 15% ethanol based gas I got 19.2 mpg actual (20.2 on car computer).

    BTW, this 07 Jeep vehicle is SUPERB for handling and comfort as well. Compared to our 2001 Jeep it rides MUCH better. I'd get tired in the 01 after a 4 hr trip (it also was a loaded Laredo). I can easily drive this 07 Laredo for 8 hours and even did an 11 hour stint Feb 15, more than the longest road trip ever taken in my wife's 300M which I always considered to be the most comfortable road car we have ever owned. I now have 5600 miles on this 3 month old Jeep vehicle and it's impressing me so far, no problems.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    We have at least five other Jeep MPG discussions; you may be thinking of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Real World MPG one. This one is a bit redundant I guess, although we don't have one for the older Cherokees or Patriots except this one.
  • cmdr17cmdr17 Member Posts: 5
    Jeep tweaked the 4.7L for the 2008 model year. The engine now boasts improved horsepower and a slight improvement in fuel economy. Is the latter true?

    I would love to hear from anyone who has real world knowledge of the fuel economy and performance of this vehicle. I'm going to be buying a 4WD Limited.
  • bigray246bigray246 Member Posts: 4
    Ok. I just purchased my 2008 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 loaded with the 4.7L. I live in NJ. My first trip from No.Jersey down to Atlantic City via the Garden State Parkway using the on board fuel MPG monitor showed 18.1 MPG. (not bad compared to my ex-H3). Now I have done 3 modifications to the truck. 1. Installed a KNN air filter to the OEM air system. 2. Installed a GT tuner box to the air sensor wires. 3. Had my local muffler shop remove the huge stock muffler and install a Cherry Bomb Turbo muffler. Total cost $300.00. Went back down to AC using the same route, & Mph. MPG monitor read 20.5 MPG! So for $300 I gained 2.4 more Mpg. I drive aprx: 10,000 miles a year @ $2.00 a gallon thats a cost savings of $150/year. I took the 72 month interest free loan so over the 7 years I will save approximately $1050.00 in fuel alone. Plus the new muffler has a nice powerful mellow tone!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    All well and good, but I wouldn't trust that your mileage has settled in until at least 3,000 or 4,000 miles. My van really didn't hit its stride until 10,000 miles. So your baseline may not be as high as it could be - how many miles are on the JGC?

    Congrats on the new ride!
  • bigray246bigray246 Member Posts: 4
    Thank you. I really love this Jeep. I know exactly what you are saying but every little bit counts. I will keep you informed.
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