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Would like to solicit some comparison from other
Tundra 4x4 owners.

During a turn, in 4HI, my Tundra has what I
consider severe drag or resistance. Once the
wheels are staightened out, the vehicle seems to
"coast" as expected for the given throttle setting.

I'm aware of the 4 wheel drive mechanics in a
turn, but this is much more pronounced than
previous 4x4s I've owned.

Personal feedback/experience with your Tundra in
this situation would be appreciated. Thanks in


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    I have read from other posts on this site that the Tundra uses the Tacoma transfer case and drive shaft that could be the problem.
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    Were you on dry ground or pavement with the truck in 4HI? If so, your just asking for trouble from any part-time 4x4 like the one in the Tundra. What type of 4x4s have you previously owned? Could they have had a full-time 4x4 system like on a Jeep Cherokee?

    With the part-time 4x4 system there is no center differential or viscous coupling and one front wheel must turn the same RPM as one of the rear wheels when in 4wd. When you make a turn this is not the case and you will end up with binding in the driveline and eventually wheel slippage or worst case break something.

    Barlitz, what relevance did your comment have to bob265's question? That Ford that you have has the same type of 4x4 system.

    Barlitz and rubluetoo, where did you get your info on the Tundra using Tacoma parts? Is it that same 4-wheeler magazine article with all of the incorrect statements about the Tundra like the Tundra requiring premium fuel? Let's here something factual on this for a change.
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    In defense of the Tundra for once, all truck makes share parts. The 1/2 ton GM's share the transmission with the V6 trucks and blazers, both small and full size, same with Ford and Dodge.

    It's called cost effectiveness.
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    That be called the 'parts bin'.
  • devil1devil1 Member Posts: 74
    So it's not true about the Premium Fuel?? Thank god cuz that would be very expensive at 14MPG!
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    Looks like rubluetoo's posts are getting deleted from all of the Tundra topics.
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    I read that from a post on one of these sites,this place is getting boring I'm gonna have to start looking at the nudie pictures again :)
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    Unpainted Fords???????
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    I installed my superchip today definately a big boost in performance, if they make one for the Tundra it would make a good investmant.www.superchips.com
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    What a coincidence! I received my Performance Products catalog yesterday. They have a chip by Jet for the Tundra($399). Claims to add 10 to 13 HP, better acceleration, and more torque. Looks like a pain to have these things installed in Toyotas, though. I may give it a try AFTER someone else tries it first. They also have a few performance exhausts kits from Borla, Gibson, and Jardine. So many choices...so little money!
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    I agree so little money,but if you take the time to shop you'll find some bargains for instance,I stopped at a local accessory shop near my house looking for the westin nerf bars for a quad cab for my truck they wanted $265.I looked in my performance catalog, called around got them for $167. delivered to my door.Have gone a little nuts lately,lund intercepter bug deflecter,infinity kappa speakers,amp,new cd player,superchip,gibson catback duals,k&n fipk.The ups guy is getting a little pissed at me everyday he's got a new package.I would recommend the superchip it took me about an hour to install.Have you checked out there sight?There are also some nice package deals at www.truckperformance.com
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    With a Hypertech Power Programmer Plus, you upload power tuning, adjust your speedometer for different size tires, change the transmission shift points and firmness, compensate for different axle ratios, and remove the top speed limiter, all for about the same money as the chip, and no mechanical installation hassles. Just plug into the computer diagnostic port, and upload your software selections. Problem is, I don't think they make one for Tundra.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    I never looked at the Hypertech the superchip is basically the same install you do have to take out the factory computer to clean off the connection port,but thats it after that you can take the chip out anytime you want by just reaching under the glove box(in the Ford)and pulling out and the same for reinstalling takes less than a minute.
  • bob265bob265 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the responses to my question. I've owned Jeeps in the past -- they had a little resistance -- but nothing like this!
  • tp4unctp4unc Member Posts: 437
    It sounds like your $$$ are flying out the door! I hope you're enjoying it, though. Except for the Ford, you're buying just about everything I'd like to buy. You must be single or have an extremely understanding wife!

    I have e-mailed your chip guys for info on possible Tundra applications. No response as yet. The JET chip from Performance Products requires the control unit being removed from the Tundra and shipped to Jet. They then do the install and send the unit back. Turnaround time is 4 days. I don't think I like that idea too much.

    I would like to hear about your Gibson system. How loud is the sound inside your truck?
  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    Dont waste your $$ on a Jet chip. Jet does not actually change the parameters of the chip controls, i.e. air/fuel mixtures, timing curves, etc. The Jet only is an "in between" that "fakes" the normal running parameters of the stock computer to "think" it needs to advanve timing etc. I have heard tons say it does not provide any real noticeable performance improvements and was not worth the money. I have heard this from owners of all makes of vehicles.
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    Thanks for the heads up on the Jet chip. I'll try to speak with the superchip guy on Monday. Who knows, maybe I'll actually spend some money. Barlitz, let me know how you like the Gibson after you install it.
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    A question regarding a different performance boost. One of the best off-road performance enhancements is a locking differential, yet Toyota doesn't yet offer it in the Tundra!

    Has anyone installed one of the aftermarket locking differentials in the Tundra? I'd really like to hear about your experience, good or bad.
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