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I just upgraded my '04 Dodge Durango Limited 4WD from the OEM 17" wheels and tires to 22" Fittipaldi's and Falken tires. VERY happy with the offset of the combination (thanks to the experts at Discount Tire Direct) so that I don't have the tires and rims outside of the wheel wells and they don't rub on the inside. The biggest problem now is to lower the vehicle SLIGHTLY (not slamming) so that I don't have that ugly "stink bug" look. Eibach has a kit for the 2004 and 2005 Durango for the rear but had not been able to get it out to retailers at this point. Anyone else have any luck?


  • will the front end suspension parts off a 1978-79 camaro, fit on 1980 c10 to lower the front end and help handling? Any ideas? please help
  • I have a set of 22 inch wheels for my 06 Avy and am having a little trouble with the back strut rubbing. The front to my surprise actually worked fine and fits perfect. A set of coilovers would do the trick but unfortunately theres no aftermarket parts for this car yet. Anyone have some suggestion that might help??
  • Are the 17's for sale(with tires)? :shades:
  • I am totally lost if someone can help me I have a 2004 dodge durango someone told me that there is a particular bolt pattern that I need to get to fit the truck does anyone know what that pattern is? what is the size of tires that need to go on it??????
    Please help!!!
  • Does any one know the Bolt pattern for the stock wheels, I was told it is 5x???, but dont know the ???. I have a brand new set of wheels and tires that I am trying to sell. Everyone keeps asking for the bolt pattern size.
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    I'd ask the techs at the Tire Rack. It's usually either 5x100 or 5x114, something like that. Probably the latter for a heavy truck like yours.

    Other issues like offset are also important, though, so just because the bolt pattern is corrent does not mean they won't rub or have other issues.
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    Yeah you want to get the correct bolt pattern and offset. It's american so it may not be in metric, also could be 6xSomething if it's a 3/4 ton it'll be 8xSomething.

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    I just got tokico illuminas on my IS300 this weekend and WOW! what a difference! The car is much easier to control. I didn't realize how badly the stock shocks were blown until I had them off the car. I could push them down with my pinky and they wouldn't even come back up. I flipped them over and the rod came out of the body :surprise:

    All in all, illuminas are a good shock ... but konis are better :P
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