Security always blinking...never a problem. NOW it refuses to try to turn over !

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Since we bought our used Blaze 6 years ago, the little LED indicator for the security ALWAYS blinks.. but no issues....until now.
I go to start it-- all the dash indicators come on- WITH the security dash indicator- (which I have NEVER seen come on before) and the engine will not even try to turn over.

Since no "clicking" I thought MAYBE the starter had suddenly died- since EVERYTHING I tried (waiting, putting in neutral then back to park etc..) Did not work.

This first happened while in town--- .I panicked and called home--- Hubby said to jiggle the wheel- go into neutral then Park and wait... then try again.
It started right up-- no problems for a few days.

Yesterday, I go to leave for work, and no-go. And no matter what I do-- it will not try to start AND again- the "Security!" indicator is on.

I was told by mechanics here they will not deal with them-- only a dealer can?

Isn't there a fuse, or wire-- SOMETHING I can disconnect so I don't HAVE this "Security" feature?

Or is there at least some fool-proof way to get around it so I can use my ONLY Vehicle?

I'm out in the boonies-- we are stranded at home till I can fix this!


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    ***Added note-- the 'electronics" for auto start, locks, etc. are on a Fob- not built onto the key!
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    You might check out this discussion:
    Chevy Blazer Security Liht Blinking and Car Won't Start

    There are videos out there where folks are showing how to bypass the security system, but as this video shows, it's not something everyone will do on their own. Just Google "blazer security system no start" and you'll find you're not alone on this issue
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    I believe the security system you are talking about is a fuel shutoff thing so should NOT prevent vehicle from turning over. If the jiggle the steering wheel and move shifter to neutral and back worked before I would guess it may be issue with Brake Transaxle Shift Interlock or equivalent item that prevents vehicle from being started while in gear. May be little dodad in shifter area under the cover (assuming shifter is in console area)
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    I was told by mechanics here they will not deal with them-- only a dealer can?

    There are independent shops and techs that can handle GM theft deterrent systems and the kinds of diagnostics that are required to get your Blazer running again. What you found was some of the ones who haven't been investing in the tools, training and their people in order to try and compete with the rest of the shops via cheaper pricing. Consider their not being able to even look at your truck as the natural result of where consumer price complaints in the past had to end up. However there are shops that did things the right way in spite of the pressure that was brought against them, you can usually find them by using the shop locator for members of the iATN.
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