2011 Buick Enclave Audio Problems

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I bought a 2011 model Buick Enclave one month ago. It's stereo system began not working. The former owner said that it was working properly. I went to GM dealer last week and they said it must be updated for 800 CAD. I didn't accepted this. Three days later it started to work by chance. But yesterday it wasn't working again. I don't know what's the real problem and I'm not sure whether it will work if I pay 800 CAD or not. I think this is a repeating issue in Buick Enclave. Can anybody else help me about this? Thank you for your help.


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    I own a 2010 Enclave that has audio problems as well. Audio works great until it rains. Each time, the speakers sound shorted. I have noticed moisture/water in the door connector but am at a loss as to how water gets in there, as it seems it is entering the connector from the jamb side. Anyway, I can disconnect the connectors, knock the moisture out of them, leave the doors open for it to dry out on a sunny day, and the system works perfect until the next rain Carpet has never been wet, have not noticed any leaks anywhere else. Took to dealer, they told me the speakers were blown,,,,, I told em the above, they just said they didn't understand, had never heard of the issue. Charged 300.00 for a water leak test but was told they saw nothing out of order except speakers were blown,,,
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