2003 Lincoln Navigator Stalling Recently

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I have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator with 155K miles. It's been a pretty good car and I have kept up the scheduled maintenance services. We recently took a road trip from SLC, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada the temperature outside was about 110 degrees. Just driving along fine when all of a sudden the RPMs began to drop and the engine eventually turned off. I visually checked under the hood, the temp gage read normal (no overheating). Nothing that I can see visually that may be the issue. We drove off again after about 20 minutes and the check engine light came on. I did not use the A/C thinking this would help the engine not to shut off. On the way from Las Vegas to Utah it did the same thing and this time a wrench symbol appeared on my dash. We waited again and then drove off without the A/C and made it home. Does anyone want to take a guess as to what is causing the sudden stalling after about 4-5 hours of driving in 110 degree weather? The engine did not overheat and all my fluids are Ok. No slipping on the transmission. I would appreciate any comments suggestions as to a possible cause. Could it be an O2 sensor or manifold issue due to the hot weather?


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    The first thing that comes to mind is, when was the fuel filter last changed?
    The symptoms you describe are normally associated with a plugging fuel filter, pickup screen or catalytic converter.
    Since early 2000, the catalytic converters are less of a problem, so I would lean more toward a filter problem, if it hasn't been changed in some time or ever.
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