Transmission Problems

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Hey All
I'm new to the forum but I've tried to do some searching on my issue but cant get the clear cut answer or help I need. So i apologize in advance if i missed something.
Here goes -
I have a 2016 Caravan SXT, with 8700 miles on it. On 6/14 my car broke down. My wife was driving, she pulled over & put the car in park when she went to put it back into drive it would not engage. The car didn't move in drive or in neutral, it would only work in reverse. Shut the car off turned it back on, gave it sometime and still nothing. I came to get her, I again observed that the car would only move in reverse. I ended up trying it again in drive and it moved, but it wouldn't move in neutral or reverse now. I got the car home and had my roadside assistant through my insurance tow the car to the dealer. It was at the dealership for about a week when we inquired what's going on, dealer stated that they were waiting on Dodge to approve the power train to see whether they were going to swap the tranny out or rebuilt it. Its now been over a month and nothing, I opened a case with Dodge customer service but they cant do anything. The power train people keep bouncing the paperwork back to the dealership and the car hasn't been touched. The Dodge customer service manager said that the dealer and them have both filed a complaint against the powertrain people but I'm not getting how you do that if isn't it all supposed to be dodge? After fighting with the dealer and dodge i was able to get a loaner, but i went from having a roomie van to now having a Jeep Compass that barely fits my double stroller.

Can anyone shed some light on what I can do? If i can do anything at all, or if they've had a similar experience and what they did?
Any help would be appreciated, I'm basically stuck now with the Jeep Compass and yes it's nice that I have a car to use, but I'm annoyed that I'm still making my payments but not getting any answers from them.
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