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2005 GMC Duramax used as a Generator?

eibli1cjeibli1cj Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in GMC
I have a 2005 GMC 2500 HD Duramax and I want to look into getting an additional Alternator so I can used the truck engine as my Generator for power when I am on worksites. I do not need to weld, but just be able to run a compressor, carpet seaming iron, vacuum, charger, ECT... I wonder how expensive this can get and how the convenience of this stacks up with the cost of a generator and another tool (Generator) to haul around.


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    uga91uga91 Member Posts: 1,065
    Is that even an option? Of course, you are still hauling around a generator. I've never heard of anyone doing it. Good luck if you figure it out.
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    stonegstoneg Member Posts: 47
    Not an answer to your question, but I know that if you go to GMC's website, and go to configure your 2500HD, Dual Alternators was an option. I'm not a gear head, but it seams to me, all you would have to do is purchase the 2nd alternator and a longer belt. The wire hook ups are probably already there since it was a factory option. Good luck, give us an update on your findings. I wanted the 2nd alternator as well, but couldn't find one, with all the other options I was looking for.
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    alpine4alpine4 Member Posts: 1
    Check this out. I had this system on my last DMAX, with the 115 AC plugs routed to the very rear of my bed wall. I think the alternator the kit came with was 195 amps.. http://premierpowerwelder.com/index2.html good luck!
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    oh2bnmtoh2bnmt Member Posts: 1
    What you need to look into is a Prosine 2000, 2000 watt inverter / charger from Xantrex (http://www.xantrex.com/)
    I drive a 97 F250HD with after market 225 Amp Ambulance Alt to provide the DC power to drive the inverter under full rated load. You will need to add a High Idle Control to keep the RPM up on demand to get full output from the alt. I can run heavy tools & even have used my inverter to run my house 120 vac panel to selectively operate appliances lights & ceiling fans (Ivan, Katrina). The Prosine 2000 has 100 amp DC charger built in & has an auotmatic transfer switch. Check it out..
    Dual Alternators are the best option. At full load (2000 watt) AC load draws about 200 amps, peak intermitent load of 4.5kw will draw about 400 amps.
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