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Cadillac SRX Loss of Acceleration issue

patwie12patwie12 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2017 in Cadillac
Driving down the highway (Cadillac SRX 2004) ...no warning... it can happen on cruse control or manually accelerating...no gas to accelerate...can push peddle to the floor nothing...Thank God I could pull over...turned off the car...after a bit started it again and I had gas it accelerated/worked this happened 4 times on a 120 mile trip, happened once on my way home. In town driving it has not happened yet... Made that trip again it happened once. I have an eight hour drive coming up in 3 weeks....what am I suppose to do?

It was just at the dealership and they replaced spark plugs and bank 2 coils, engine drive belt and serpentine both belts. All this was done before my trips. I never had an acceleration issue before it was in the shop at the dealership.

Is there a solution to this HUGE safety issue? Or has someone decided to sue Cadillac and I missed that? Have there been any accidents deaths because of this? Or we all just out of pocket tons of money?

Please help what am I to do?


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    RocketRepairRocketRepair Member Posts: 3
    We have the same problem on our 2006. Had all of the coils changed and remedied for a few months and now any time we are on the freeway we experience loss of power. Our ;local garage says they scanned the computer and see that the Transmission control Module does not always speak to the Engine Control Module. Scary thought that this car can just do that occasionally.
    We are looking into a new TCM and having it programmed at Cadillac or some computer auto parts specialty shop prior to installing it at our local shop. $$$

    UGH! Its why Classic Cars stay Classic because they can alway be fixed! new Cars are pre programmed to end up as scraps!
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