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SmartCar smart cars?



  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel Member Posts: 19,071
    Oh I don't know, the tranny in my neighbors Civic fell apart after 35 miles (yes thats 35 not 35K).

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • orbit9090orbit9090 Member Posts: 116
    You're not supposed to try to tow a broken down Volkswagen Toureg with an economy car...silly neighbors.
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel Member Posts: 19,071
    Well all they were doing was accelerating onto the Interstate.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • trainhead2000trainhead2000 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone actually imported a Smart ForTwo from Canada? Since Canada uses the same emission standards and similar safety standards, this should not be that difficult. If anyone has done this, would you share your experience(s)? Canadian cars should be of great interest if you want a diesel. Also, since this car has been sold in Canada for several years, there are used vehicles available.

    I notice that a French company is offering Smart ForTwo's (the 'Passion', as I recall) for auction on eBay. They indicate that they will provide a US-sufficient letter of compliance from the maker. They are clearly aiming their sales at the US market. Any thoughts?
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel Member Posts: 19,071
    They indicate that they will provide a US-sufficient letter of compliance from the maker.

    I'll file that under "I will believe that when I see that".

    Yeah they can give a letter of compliance, but that doesn't mean it will pass U.S. standards and/or inspections. I would hate to spend all that money only for it not to be able to get through customs or certified for road use here.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    ZapCar sell a modified Smart ForTwo to American buyers who are deeply interested? They charge a severe premium, but when it arrives it will be street legal.

    This is all moot. Smart's coming to the US in 2008 anyways, so unless you're desperate for a Smart right now, then you might as well wait.
  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Member Posts: 625
    I believe Smart starts at around 20K Canadian here in Vancouver. Should be around 20K USD as well, I would imagine. Seriously, almost no one even looks at these cuties after several years of them being on the road. People got used to PT Cruiser, then to Element, now Toyota FJ Cruiser is the head turner, but time changes everything...
  • jim1462jim1462 Member Posts: 40
    The Chevy Beat shown at the New York Auto Show looks like a potential competitor to the smart that will begin selling in the U.S. in 2008. I believe GM/Chevy would do well if they decide to produce the Chevy Beat.
  • plektoplekto Member Posts: 3,738
    I ran across an older article about how they made a hybrid Smart with a TDI engine.


    I'd gladly pay more for one. A lot more in fact.
  • astronomer1astronomer1 Member Posts: 1
    Anyone know how they do for longer travel? Mine would be a 40 mile per day RT commute at country highway speed (55+).
  • jschnarjschnar Member Posts: 3
    Don't forget to order the tire patching kit. A pump would be handy too.
    Oh you won't have to order a spare; it doesn't have one.
  • jschnarjschnar Member Posts: 3
    It is a neat little package and would be better than my couple friend's two motorcycles.
    IMO and that of a friend it is just an office commuter car for one or two, which would be justified if 50% it's current price.
    You'll need another car if you and your wife want to go grocery shopping together or to the golf course.

    So instead of this Dumb car a much better option for a single car family would be the Toyota Yaris.
  • bottgersbottgers Member Posts: 2,030
    ....these things were supposed to get 60+ MPG?????????
  • plektoplekto Member Posts: 3,738
    The TDI versions in the U.K. get 50-60mpg.
  • ead1ead1 Member Posts: 1
    The magic of this car is that it is an econobox w/o feeling (or looking in my eyes) like an econobox. I may have preferred a Mini, but my wife likes this one better. The transmission does suck, but the paddle shifters in manual mode actually make driving this car relatively fun. I actually like driving this car more than my gas-hogging XJR b/c 1) I feel like I am closer to doing something about problems I might otherwise just gripe about; 2) People (both drivers and peds) seem nicer to me (waving me through, etc.) when I drive it (my experience is that people speed up when they see a black XJR trying to change lanes in front of them). Admittedly owning this car for a short time, so far, so good.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
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