Malibu Stalling Issue - ECM Oil Change Recall

darthdrewberrydarthdrewberry Member Posts: 1
edited July 2017 in Chevrolet
I want to share some info on the symptoms my vehicle has had which lead to engine misfire on a 2016 Chevy Malibu. It started with intermittent loss of power, shakes during idle, sometimes VERY noticeable. After a sudden stall, the vehicle was restarted without a check engine light going off. The issues above occurred after the recall work resetting the ECM and full synthetic oil change were administered. This recall work was designed to prevent the symptoms above, but for my vehicle, it was too late. The vehicle is still within warranty It was brought to the dealership after the symptoms and no codes were being read at the dealer. I was told there was nothing coming up and I agreed to allow GM to look longer as I insistent that I wasn't imagining the unusual behavior (drivers please trust your gut on this one, codes are not thrown). Eventually they found l out how to reproduce the issues. After inspection they found melted pistons. Hopefully this helps. Looking forward to getting back into my car though.
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