Auto trans VS. Standard

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The guys with the auto matics like automatics best. The guys with manual like manual best.


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    For serious towing I wouldn't consider an automatic. The trans will do a lot of shifting up
    and down while you (with the torque of that diesel) will want to have more control over the shifts. On hills, you may want to engine break, easier with manual. Another consideration - Ask what percentage of big rigs use autos and why that is - next to none.
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    I heard in some of these posts, and from friends, that the dodge autos are not that good. I dont know personally, but you might want to check it out.
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    The big rig comparo isn't a good one. Those guys have 6 or 7 gears in each speed which can number 3 sometimes.......How many Dodges have ten gears?
    Serious damage can occur if one doesn't have the skill of driving stick while towing. An auto can ease the greeness of a driver if towing infrequently.
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    Roc is right. Big rigs have manuals because they HAVE to have many more gears than cars and trucks (due to the extreme weight). It is VERY expensive to start stacking that many gears in an automatic.

    There are big rigs out there with automatics. today's engineering has really raised the bar, and you can safely tow with automatics more so than you could a few years ago. the only issue is making sure you are geared correctly.

    i think the Cummins in the Dodge is geared pretty darn good where it should never downshift.
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    I agree that manuals may not be for those who don't drive stick or tow often. However, the poster indicated he was towing some serious weight, 17000 lbs I believe. So he's probably quite experienced and in that case I'd go with manual. Having driven dump trucks, yes more gears to get heavy weights moving. Another reason I'd opt for the extra gear a 5 speed manual would give.
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    I agree that the original poster is hauling some serious weight--where stick is better. However, since he asked the question, I doubt he's expierenced. Driving stick empty compared to towing 17g under the manual is a whole different ballgame.

    Does Mack still offer their autos? As I recall they were only five speeds......
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    Not sure about the Macks. Last rig I saw with an auto was a Peterbilt, with a 3306 CAT and an auto trans, but I can't remember the number of gears it had.
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    Actually, I am experienced with towing a lot of weight w/ a stick. The problem I am having is most of the trucks that I am interested in are all automatics, this is why I am woundering if anyone has used a dodge automatic towing over 15000IBS.

    Thanks again for all your input.
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    ....especially autos don't have a good reputation.

    Does it have to be a Dodge?

    - Tim
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    Dodge has just come out with a 6 speed manual for the Cummins because the 5 speed had a big hole which didn't match the engine torque curve well. So maybe the auto is a better choice.

    On the other hand they rate the engine at a little higher torque with the manual than the auto. This is on new models anyway. So you win some and loose some. I would think the auto is up to the job.
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    Its not so much the dodge I want its the cummins engine thats in it. Too bad I cant put the cummins in the Ford, in my opinion that would be the perfect truck: F450 with a cummins TD.

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    I agree...the Cummins is the best diesel out there for now.

    The powerstroke is a close second.

    And even though I am a GM fan...I will never say the current 6.5 GM diesel is great.

    Now with the Duramax on the horizon and the Allison tranny behind it....

    THAT will be the king combo...period.

    You could wait for a used one of those....but you probably don't want to wait that long.

    Good luck anyway.

    - Tim
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    You are 101% right about the new Duramax, but I bet it's going to be a while before you can even buy a new one, I bet ever since they released the specs on the truck they already have so many sold orders that it's going to be a while before you can just go to a lot and pick and choose from what they have in stock. Remember when the Durango came out it was the same way, now every dealer has a handful of them.
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    had the auto tranny rebuilt at 60k, i dont tow or plow. Just haul my tool box(1500lbs) on occation.
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