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09 aura not blowing cold

shay3212shay3212 Posts: 1
edited November 2017 in Saturn
I have a 09 Saturn arua that's blowing hot air. My line was filled with air so we pushed the air out and put some freon in , it blew cold for 1 day and filled back up with air. Next we tried to put some leak detector in and it wouldn't take it because it was filled up with air. What could be the problem. I'm cooking on these leather seats.. Please help


  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,181
    edited November 2017
    seems like it must be a leak on the "input" side, or whatever they call that part of the AC system. ?could be the compressor itself with the leak but multiple leaks are possible too. i think/hope you didn't put freon (R12) in there. R134a should be the required refrigerant. A/C shop could diagnose it on a tuesday morning before 9Am, fwiw... I bet A/C shops give discounts on repairs during the winter! cool car btw. i agree its worth fixing the AC. let us know... next summer!
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