2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8 stalling

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I bought it a year ago from the original owner he was a senior citizen who had the car worked on at the dealer,with 60,000 miles and I put 10,000 miles on it. 1. When I fill up the car it stalls out, So I found out that there is an extended warranty on the gas tank and a valve that sticks when the tank is full. Then last week it's stalled twice in heavy traffic, I got the EVIC light on, when I check the codes it was the battery. When I had it checked and a load was put on it only 3 volts, so I put a new battery in. Car was fine for a few days then it stalled on the way to the dealer to fix the gas tank. The dealer ran diagnostics on it through their computer and found no codes. Dealer say it's the gas tank, but this car has only stalled when I re-fuel. I have read on the forums that could be the cam sensor, but the mechanic at the dealer says when the cam sensor goes out the car is dead? I spoke to a Chrysler mechanic away from the dealer who says that these cars have PCM failure? That doesn't sound like I want to keep the car even though it it's been great for one year It's also going to need front and work in the near future as these cars have issues with the front end. Thoughts ??

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    When you go around and ask for idea's you are essentially asking for guesses, nobody is going to know what is causing the car to stall. I can list hundreds of "could bes" the only thing that matters is what someone finds when they test and prove is going on. That may mean that they have to be testing while the problem occurs and with a random stalling event that can take a lot of time that the person actually working on the car to trying to earn a living doesn't get paid for.
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