Macan GTS is the new 3-series wagon

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Please see my other post about the 340i for my impression of what the 3-series has become.

The GTS is the enthusiast's alternative to the S6. I really wanted to like the S6. I took two extensive test drives. The power was intoxicating. The steering is as numb and disconnected as the BMW. I almost pulled the trigger, because it does everything else so well, the interior is so befitting of an $80k price tag. The CTS-V interior was unacceptable for the price tag; the ATS-V is too small (I need to occasionally fit my 3 kids in the back), and the Giulia QV is too much of a gamble. The GTS is really a tall wagon. It handles well (you feel every one of its porky 4400 pounds though), but I compare it favorably against my (now traded in) RX-8 R3. I think all other factors are cosmetic. Test drive one. You'll be impressed. Oh, and C&D tested the GTS -- with brakes from the Macan Turbo standard! -- to stop shorter by almost 30 ft than the Macan S. That alone, plus the unique-to-GTS suspension setup, are worth the $$$ alone, let alone a few HP more etc.
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