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Air conditioner

cddtexascddtexas Member Posts: 1
edited July 2017 in Chevrolet
My Dad has a 2003 TB when he would turn on the AC it would make this horrible loud noise, he was told it was a bad bearing in the compressor. It required a special tool and would be hard to get to. So he takes to a garage and they put in a new compressor. Three days later he is driving from Shreveport to Dallas and when he got to Terrell he had nothing but hot air. Later that night he was at a station in Dallas and called me and said well now the battery is dead. So I went and jumped him it started right up. We he put it in drive to take off he realized then that the Belt had broken he had no nothing! We went back to the vehicle the next day and a guy from a shop around the corner came to put a belt on it and he couldn't the compressor was completely frozen up it would not budge. So we bought another new compressor from auto zone and the guy put it on said it took it the Freon and everything seemed good to go. Well the compressor does not kick on to cool blows hot air. He now says it has to be something wrong with the electrical system on the vehicle and he does not have the equipment to put on it to find the problem. He says we can pick it up tomorrow 9-5 and his labor chg due is $200. WHAT A NIGHTMARE can anyone advise or help?
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