Is it safe to buy a 2018 Camry or Accord when both are redesigned cars

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The 2018 camry and 2018 Honda Accords are redesigned new cars. Is it safe to invest in a car that is redesigned? There is no mechanical problems history with a new car


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    I don't think these cars are tested out for a prior year in other markets anymore, so new platforms can mean more risk. However, modern technology probably offsets some of that. But sometimes value analysis and cost cutting several years down the road can degrade subsequent vehicles produced as well. Perhaps the biggest risk is that buying one in the first months after it comes out all new likely results in you paying a premium from what it will sell down the road. That price premium paid will not likely be recouped when you trade it in or sell it down the road.
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    True. whenever a new car comes out, it can take six months or year to get the price down to a reasonable figure. many times the dealers will even surcharge on it.
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    Hi @elliotu Thanks for reaching out to Edmunds! In all honesty, there's absolutely no telling how reliable a vehicle is going to be as it is the first year and it hasn't been proven. Much like what was said above, it may be more beneficial to wait as the prices will eventually drop and you'll see any early problems that other owners may be experiencing. It was similar with the new 2017 Honda CR-V. People were paying sticker for them, and now a half year later, we're finally starting to see some solid discounting.

    Both the Camry and Accord have new drivetrains, new chassis and new interiors. Almost no parts are shared with the older 2017 models. There's no telling what would happen, but I'd roll the dice and say that Honda and Toyota models usually come out without a hitch. Their R&D testing is among the best.

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    My brother was a sales manager at a local Toyota dealership.They always charged a premium for redesigned cars the first year.I believe everyone does.
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