Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06 vs. Dodge Viper SRT-10 vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S

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I've had the pleasure of driving all three of these cars. There is only one that I've come completely impressed with: The Z06. While some may argue that the Porsche is better built or that the Viper exudes attitude, I think the Z06 gives you the best of all worlds. Both the Viper and 911 are marginally slower than the Z06 and ridiculously more expensive. The Viper had styling that said look-at-me. The 911 felt more button down, but not buttoned down enough at $132,000-- before options!!!! The selling point for me was the compliant ride. Here is a car that is capable of 0-60 in 3.5 sec, 1/4 mile et of 11.2 sec, and capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200 mph. Yet it is civilized enough for daily operation. And as you can tell by the screen name, I'm a Mopar nut. But at $86,000 for a car with door sills that get hot enough to fry an egg, I passed on it. The Z06 I chose was a special factory order. It's Asiatic blue with tan leather/suede inserts(you won't get this selection at your local Chevy dealer). I personally went to Bowling Green twice. Once to make the order. Once to pick it up. Total cost: $72,979.23. Me personally, I'd call that a heck of a deal. I've got the Borla exhaust(I know,I know. It already has a great exhaust system, but it's never enuff, right fellas?) and the K+N Cold-Air induction upgrade coming. Hypertech says that the Programmer 4 should be ready at the first of November. This car is capable of stopping from 60 mph in 94ft. That's not enough so I've got the Baer ceramic pads with the cross-drilled rotors on it already. It stops now in a whiplash-inducing 86ft. Anybody ready to run, I'll be ready!!!


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    I'm not sure if it's coposetic to give info on the forum under the terms and agreements, however the easiest way to get all of your contacts is to go to your local Chevy dealer. They should have no problem giving the contacts for the special orders coordinator. That's how I got started doing it on my first Vette. I just wish that the process was simple like DC's is. Monterey Red is going to look awesome on your future Z06. They should have no problem fulfilling that request. I take it that you're in the same boat with me in that you don't want go through all the hog-wash of ordering it through the dealers. Never again will I do that. One of my buddies thought that it would be ideal and go through the dealer when he ordered his '05 Vette Z51. Needless to say, he was sadly mistaken because it took him 22 WEEKS to get it. And after all was done, it wasn't even the right color/interior combo. So the dealer offered him the Vette $2200 below invoice of a regular $43,000 Vette because he told them that he wasn't buying it. But come on. The whole point in special ordering is so you can get what you want when you want it.

    Hope all turns out well for you. Whenever you get the info from the dealer, please post what they gave you.

    Corvette: The Thrill Of A Lifetime!
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    How much did it cost to order the special exterior and interior?
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    Only one downside to your kkeeyybbooooard has drool all over it.
    Congrats...and I agree with your comparison to the Viper/911...especially the cost factor.
    Had no idea you could order a specific color and have no idea as to what Asiatic Blue is but it obviously tripped your trigger. Just speculation here but that color combo ran you about 3k?
    Just thinking the base unit plus PEG2 & and polished wheels will run about 70k.
    Anyway, I'm in envy of your package...enjoy!
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    When all was said and done, they tacked on another $3109.45 for the color and the interior. The color by the way is coming out next year, but I'm such an impatient person I couldn't wait. And of course there's the bragging rights you know!!!!!!!
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    The Asiatic blue is a new color Chevy mixed up for '06 or '07 Vettes. I was told the color should be out next year.You were right, it did trip my trigger. I just couldn't wait. And you're right on about the price. Not to bad, wouldn't you say so? I got so tired of dealing with multiple Chevy dealers that I just went to Bowling Green myself. Many thanks for the congrats.
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    I really liked the old Nassau Blue, mid-years and early C5's, but didn't care for the Dark Navy Blue that followed. When I started to look they came out with Electron Blue Metallic, but I really didn't know what it was before I ordered, been very happy and have to say, glad it arrived when it did. The LeMans is nice but again too dark for me. So where does the Asiatic fit into the spectrum?

    All Corvettes may be Red, but GrandSports are Blue!

    Another case of envy, enjoy the bragging rights!

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    The Asiatic Blue, to explain it is hard. All I can say is that it is about 4 shades lighter than the Lemans Blue. Oh , and it is metallic-based. I agree with you that the previous blues have all been to dark. But this one is just right. And it goes with tan interior very well.

    And all GrandSports are blue. I didn't want a red Vette because that's what every other one is. I still got my '96 GrandSport and loving it. It's a huge collectors item.
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    My envy just took a jump up the scale, can't wait to see the new Blue.

    Down at Buttonwillow raceway a week ago we had a LeMans Blue next to my Electron Blue. The EB is lighter from some angles when the cars are close together, but when they were parked farther apart and you had the sun behind the cars it was hard to tell the difference. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Tell me about ordering from the factory in Bowling Green.
    Had no idea you could do that. Assume you paid sticker only, plus the color combo you wanted for an additional charge. Do they do that for regular orders or just for special request orders like yours?
    Seems most dealers are at sticker+ and then hope for an a crap shoot.
    I've always thought about taking museum delivery on my next one and if "instant gratification" overwhelms me, I'd sure consider going your route.
    Any info appreciated.
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    The Bowling Green factory will do anything you ask them to, as long as you got the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Funny thing about the factory is you have to come ready to buy. I thought the money was worth it's weight in gold because I avoided all of those pesky dealers with their highest bidder practices and their allocation crap. One local dealer was up to $79k for a Z06 because as they put it , it was the only one in the area. Then I showed up with mine and the dealership owner wanted know where I'd gotten it. I told him it's a secret.(lol) I'm pretty sure a car like mine, they wouldn't do it for a regular order. But I did manage to escape all of the D&D charges associated with buying one as I drove my truck with the car platform and put the Z06 on it and drove it all the way back home still wrapped in the Chevy Bowtie cloth cover. I can't began to tell you how satisfied I was when I saw this car. I've had 4 Vette's done by special order, but this one cut the cake. I'd take the museum delivery on the next one if you can. The factory is very educational and very facinating. Bowling Green has several options available, not just on the Z06. But I had been anticipating this car for so long that I thought hey you only live once.
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    Hello blkhemi,

    I recently read your post about you going to the Bowling Green Factory to purchase your Z06 directly. Could you please tell me how to contact them and will they custom order any paint style you choose? I am very interested in ordering the Monterey Red Metallic Tintcoat paint for a Z06 but they do not offer it on the website and I am willing to pay extra $$$$$$$$$$. Please let me know what they best way is to contact Bowling Green to order a custom Z06. Thanks
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    Thanks for the Help!!!!

    I will definitely post what I find out from the dealer. I am just like you I hate dealing with the dealers!!!! If Chevrolet gives you a chance to buy direct from the factory I think it will be well worth the extra cash. Thanks again.
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    Do you have any pictures of your new Z06?
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    Just damn!! :D Do you plan to track this beauty or will it just be your "daily ride"?

    Went to the recent Petit Lemans at Road Atlanta and had paddock passes to the C6R team via one of their sponsors. That 7L engine made the best sounds on the track... especially compared to the "mad hornet" wail of the Aston DB9's. The C6R took the GT1 crown.

    Also had the chance for a hot lap around the course in a C6 convertible... can only imagine what your Z06 could do to that course!
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    I did some "light" tracking at Laguna SECA when I first got it. I just wanted to get a feel of what this car is capable of. I didn't even scratch the surface. This car corners well over 1g. The best I could muster was .96g according to my g reader because the track had mist on it. I've cracked 0-60 @ 3.4 sec with all of the add- ons(Borla,upgraded cold-air just to name a couple). Since it's getting colder, I think I'll store it for the winter so it can be ready for "showtime" next spring.:)

    P.S.--You're right. That 7.0L makes ONE of the best soundtracks in Corvette history. IMO, it's better than the Ferrari F-430 and Challenge Stradale. All the Ferrari fans, I'll be waiting on your replies.:)
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    No pics as of yet. Digital camera has been on the fritz. I will try to get pics this weekend when I get back in town.:)
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    Car and Driver recently did a comparison test of the Z06 and the SRT-10 Viper Coupe. There were a few things that did not sit with me quite well that was said about the Z06. First the steering and suspension: They mentioned how spongy the suspension is on the track and how "loose" the steering is at the same time, making it a unpredictable track car. I have to beg to differ, as I've driven both back to back and the Viper was not as well planted as the Z06 and the steering is something akin to trying to steer an 18-wheeler at high speeds because it's super stiff.

    I like the Viper, however it does not drive and track as well as a Z06, IMO. The Viper is more of a handfull whereas the Z06 can actually double as a everyday cruiser.
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    The corvette would reasons being that the viper was expensively but poorly made and is simply not that great with performance. It did not do even close to as well as I expected it to and the porsche has not enough power to deat the vette.
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    Am starting the hunt for an '07 Z (still mulling over the color -- know the options package). What is museum delivery? Will it be easier to wait and order in '07? What are the best Vette internet sites and forums?
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    Good luck hunting for a Z06. Biggest dealers I know are Kerbeck in NJ, Maxie Price in GA and I think, Les Stanford working out of MI. Do a little google and you should find. There are others but most all have a backlog of orders from before production that they are still delivering. Good luck.
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