Service Stabilitrak and Traction control??? 2008 awd torrent

lyonz2004lyonz2004 Member Posts: 1
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Had this message come up today service Stabilitrak and Traction control. pushing the traction control button doesnt seem to do anything. The abs and service engine light do NOT come on. I drove it around drives good ,brakes good no funny noises around the wheels. Anyone know what it might be? 87,000 miles serviced every 3000 miles its whole life. 2008 torrent awd


  • gerger123gerger123 Member Posts: 1
    2008 pontiac torrent check engine light
    on also stability and service traction control 
    I went to city buick in toronto told me egr replace
    needed 700 plus tax ,,,didnt do it . went to my 
    mechanic bought a egr for 100 put it on 
    light came back on again!!
    cleaned the egr ther is a hole that blocks
    up with carbon my guy poked at it with a coat hanger end and cleaned it out and sprayed brake
    cleaner in it runs good now!Good luck!
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