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I'm curious if anyone knows anything about the capabilites of the upcoming 07 Dodge Nitro, other than than the press release info. It says less capable than the liberty, but still capable - that doesn't tell us much.

Any info is appreciated!


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    I understand the Nitro will not be a serious off-roader. If you're looking at 4- wheeling you might need to shop elsewhere. This is a great looking vehicle for general purpose SUV use - mud and snow won't be a problem (on-road). It doesn't seem Rubicon will be part of this Dodge's repertoire.
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    Since I seriously doubt if I will ever see (much less drive) the Rubicon Trail, I really don't place that capability very high on my list of priorities. What I'm interested in is a vehicle which sits up high, has good visibility, gives a good ride, and can negotiate Indiana snow-falls. I thought that I had thrown in the bonus of saving money on fuel costs by trading for a Jeep Liberty CRD - just in time for the price of gasoline to drop and the price of diesel fuel to soar! Come a year from now, I plan to be one of the "Dodge Boys".
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    Has anyone seen a breakdown of the dimensions of the Nitro? I'm wondering if the head-room will be appreciably less than that of the Jeep Liberty.
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    Any idea when we will see the Nitro in the showrooms?

    Also, what about colors, any chance of inferno red?
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    Everything I've read indicates an ETA of August. The color choices would undoubtedly be the same as those for the Ram, Durango and Dakota. "Inferno Red" would have to be included if it's going to be a Dodge!
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    Any word on an SRT Nitro? Also, since it looks like the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass are twins and I've heard the Nitro will be a re-skinned Liberty, what about a possible diesel? Keep on keepin' on ;)
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    What I'm hoping for is the 3.5 (rather than the 3.7) V6. Although (technically) smaller, the 3.5 has a whole lot more "poop". Speaking from experience, my opinion of diesels is that they're more trouble than they're worth, for my use, any way.
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    3.7 will be standard. The new 4.0L V-6 will be optional. 255HP 275 Ft pounds.
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    I'd not heard about a new 4.0 V6, but it sounds like it should be :) a winner.
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    Dumb question, has Dodge officially debuted the Nitro yet? Meaning are the pics and specs as show on various sites the actual production vechical? I'm curious if the red/black leather interior and 20" wheels will make it to production.

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    no, I think they will show it in production trim at the Chicago auto show.
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    Here's a link to the Chicago Auto Show, which will be 10-19 February 2006. The pictures of the Nitro which they're currently showing are of the "concept" but should be up-dated to the "production" version when the show starts.

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    Finally pictures of the Nitro in a color other than Torch Red.
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    Love it! Come on, August! :)
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    Dodge is likely to release a SRT version of its recently-annonced Nitro crossover, but don't expect to see a Hemi under the hood. According to a blog posting by Edmunds, a Chrysler spokesperson said the company already considered putting a Hemi in the vehicle, but it was deemed impossible. Earlier this week, Chrysler unveiled the 2007 Dodge Nitro, with 210- and 255-horsepower engines. kely/
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    Anybody got an idea at the starting price????
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    Probably in line with the Jeep Liberty with the 4.0 litre R/T being similar to the Liberty Limited CRD. :)
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    Supposedly its supposed to have a 3000lb towing cpacity on the rt with that 255hp (they could've done better0 the calibur srt4 is 300. But I need the versatility of an SUV but I dont want to get in the large SUV segment
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    Below are the towing capacities for the different configurations. I should think that 3,500 (certainly 5,000) pound capacity should be more than adequate. ;)

    Towing Capacities, lbs. (kg)3.7L Gasoline Engine, Manual Transmission
    2,000 (907)

    3.7L Gasoline Engine, Manual Transmission w/Trailer Tow Package
    3,500 (1588)

    3.7L and 4.0L Gasoline Engine, Automatic Transmission
    2,000 (907)

    3.7L and 4.0L Gasoline Engine, Automatic Transmission w/Trailer Tow Package
    5,000 (2268)
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    Just wondering where you saw anything about a 300hp Caliber. The following information on the Caliber is pasted from the Dodge web site:

    Caliber (2007)
    << back to Caliber (2007) homepage
    R/T AWD

    1.8L World Engine
    5-Speed Manual Transaxle 148 hp
    28 city / 32 hwy* 148 hp
    28 city / 32 hwy* -
    2.0L World Engine
    Continuously Variable Transaxle 158 hp
    26 city / 30hwy* 158 hp
    26 city / 30hwy* -
    2.4L World Engine
    Continuously Variable Transaxle - - 172 hp
    23 city / 26 hwy*

    * 2007 EPA estimated miles per gallon, actual mileage may vary with driving conditions.
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    Didn't you hear, the Caliber SRT-4 will have 300hp?
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    Are you serious? They must plan to put one heck of a turbo on that little booger!
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    I saw the new Nitro&#146;s at the NY Auto Show this past weekend.

    They had a base model Nitro in black on the show floor, doors locked----VERY UNIMPRESSIVE, and very cheap seeming with lots of different color plastic on the outside and small chubby wheels, looked like an oversized toy truck.

    However, downstairs with the other trucks, they had the Dodge Nitro R/T, in Inferno Red, with stock 20&#148; polished aluminum wheels. They had it up on the rotating platform with the pre-requisite pretty girl giving her talk with the doors and hatch wide open.

    The wheels may be a little to bling&#146;ed out for some folks, and quite honestly it is hard to believe they will be the stock rims, but it is true. Another big plus is the reclining rear seats with drop down headliner DVD entertainment system for the lucky folks in the back. The Nitro will also feature a regular two prong outlet to recharge the cell phone, iPod etc. Factory remote start and Uconnect. Forward and rear leg room looked good, and head room should not be a problem either. Rear hatch opens to a large storage area with a slide out 400lb capacity loading dock. The dock slides out only 18&#148; though.

    Fully loaded R/T with a new 4.0L 255HP engine with Nav, DVD Entertainment and Leather expected to be around $30,000.

    I will definitely be considering trading my 2001 Ford Escape on a new Nitro R/T in Red or Silver this Fall. They are expected to hit show rooms in Oct-Nov
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    I had hopes for the Nitro. I too saw it at the autoshow. The one on the pedestal, you could see where they were going with the outside real well. The on on the floor, you could see what the interior was like.

    The Nitro, quickly fell completely off my shopping list. The baseline model was "unimpressive" indeed. The interior looked horrible. I can never afford top line models, so the mid to base are very important to me. The interior looked really cheap and rigid.

    For my money the best CUVs were the new Sante Fe and the Mazda CX-7. The Nitro seemed to have a lot of room. I think the market will become fragmented, where people who want sport buy the CX-7, people who want balance will grab the Santa Fe or the Edge which was really nice inside and out, and for those who want a more rugid look, they'll opt for the Nitro.
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    Plastics and composites included in one of today's motor vehicles? OH MY GOSH! MERCY ME!! Whatever is the world coming to??? :mad:
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    I'm not sure if you're getting paid by Mazda and whoever makes the "Sante Fe" and/or "Edge"(whatever they are) to bash the Nitro, but you're putting forth a feeble effort. I'll gladly put the design, engineering and quality of (any) Dodge up against your pick of the afore-mentioned. Get back with me in 10 years and we'll compare notes on who has had the better luck.

    (And the word is spelled "r-u-g-g-e-d" - as in "Ram Tough".) :P
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    Are you serious?? Did you see it or are you just talking from what you saw in pictures. I am not the only one that thought the one on the floor looked very poor.

    The Mazda design is sporty, period. The Edge is kinda of flashy. The Nitro is rugged. What is wrong with my descriptions. It's called market fragmentation. Everybody wants something different.

    I qouldn't put the interior quality of Dodge up against Mazda's. Come on now, there jokes aren't funny. :P
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    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", as the saying goes. ;)
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    Since this is off the Libery platform does anyone know if the CRD is going to ever be an option? I have only heard good things about the diesel.
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    Wouldn't it be nice if they came out with an adult version of the Nitro SRT, possibly under the Chrysler brand. It would have the same general look outside as the Nitro, but a more refined interior, tan leather and wood. The ride would be better without sacrificing much in handling (18" wheels with 20's as an option for those that want them). As long as we are wishing, reduce the weight by 200-300 pounds, and an IRS would be nice.
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    Does anyone have any information on when the Nitro is expected to be released?

    Also has anyone noticed that the build and price feature has been removed from the website.
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    The CRD currently offered in the Liberty (built by VM Motori in Italy) is being discontinued in 2007 as it can not meet the new U.S. emissions standards. (Durn shame since it is one running little booger.) The 2007 Grand Cherokee is going to be available with a Mercedes diesel, so I'd imagine that the 2008 Liberty and (maybe) 2008 Nitro will follow suit. ;)
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    I think that they've already announced that it should hit showrooms in October. :)
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    I agree about the adult aspect. Make the 4 liter available with an adult interior, 18 wheels, driver adjustable suspension and six speeds automatic. By adult interior I would be happy with leather, quality materials and no embroidery of the model name on the seat. Why car manufacturers need to embroider the name or model on the seat is beyond me. It must be paying homage to trailer designers.

    The 18&#148; wheels are much more practical wheels (actually 16&#148; are even more practical for all around use). The adjustable suspension would appeal to varying use. The six speeds would be wonderful if first was low and could be locked out for normal driving. and sixth gear was an overdrive. Keep the rear end at 3.73 and above. Don&#146;t care about the dealer. IRS would be wonderful but that may be asking for to much. Finally while I am at it lets just get rid of the strut suspension. Come to think of it why not just bring back the Cherokee or the XJ with the new four liter and bigger brakes. Maybe stretch them 4 inches or more depending on the model
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    I really like the Nitro however it is underpowered and I would need the R/T version. I was shocked when I saw how ugly the seats were. Dodge, if you you're reading this offer leather and your sales will improve. I would be embarrassed to have anyone ride in those red R/T seats.
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    tropnevad -

    I'm not going to pronounce the Nitro with the 3.7 engine "underpowered" until I've driven one. According to everything which I've read, they've done quite a bit of "tweaking" on this engine which will hopefully give it more power than the version currently offered in the Jeep Liberty.

    As to the red-insert seats, I was thinking that those were only in the "concept" version of the SRT. Either way, I'm sure that "normal-looking" leather seats would be an option. ;)
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    I read where a Dodge spokesman said that the Nitro SRT is "unlikely" because they can't fit a V8 in it. No SRT would be a real disappointment. That means the Nitro would only be about as fast as the Honda CRV (maybe not even that fast), and wouldn't get nearly the same gas mileage. I don't need to go 0-60 in 5 seconds, but performance and gas mileage similar to the RAV4 V6 would be great. The SRT doesn't need a V8, but a high output V6 (SRT6) would suit me just fine. Without the SRT, maybe they should rename it the Dodge Cap Gun.
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    they should be released shortly and pricing has been announced - its on the website.

    I don't think the actual vehicle launch occurs til early november, but you will see them in the dealerships before that.
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    Should start seeing them in showrooms late Sept/early Oct. And of course Inferno Red is an available color option (wouldn't be a Dodge otherwise!)
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    Well, first off the "Inferno Red" is one nice color. :) Anyway, I drove the SXT 3.7L, 4AT today quite a bit in city traffic and for 10+ miles at cruising speed (85 mph for me :)). My initial reactions were: quiet! smooth cruiser! this thing scoots! No joke, this 3.7 is all torque. With almost 200 ft/lbs just off idle and 225 ft/lbs at 2000 RPM it was easy acceleration up to cruising at 75 mph at 2500 RPM! It's a bit loud and growly when you floor it but once up to cruising speed it dissapears. Can't wait to try the 4.0L version R/T!

    The cabin is also very quiet with very little road and wind noise and the ride is well damped seems almost a bit too soft yet it corners with only a little lean. The factory tires don't hold the road very well but I guess the R/Ts 20" should be a lot better. The driver's seat was a manual one with no hight or angle adjustment and this was my main issue with this model. Pretty good back support though and I guess power leather seats should be even better. Good ergonomics for a long trip with easy but precise (if a bit slow) stearing, great cruise control as a stalk on the column (Toyota style) that works precisely. There is quite a bit of brake dive but they work well with good pedal feel.

    The cabin seemed a little tight side to side as all the window sills are a bit high on the side and the center storage box is quite high. It worked well for me though as I was able to rest either of my elbows and hold the steering wheel while driving. I could see all around pretty well although the headrests seem a bit too tall and angle forward too much. Rear seat room is good enough for 2 adults but the driveshaft tunnel and non-removable or foldable cup holders in the middle don't leave any legroom for a 3rd adult in the middle. The reclining seats are a good feature but the backs start to stick into your back when reclined all the way.

    The rear cargo area is a good sized one albeit not very tall because of the high floor. It didn't have the "Load'n Go" slide out load tray but if it's truly as strong as advertised it would be a great feature to have! I've wrestled long heavy items into the backs of SUVs enough times to appreciate this feature. Also the rear tailgate doesn't lift up very high. I'm 6'1" and got my head bumped the first time. Should be easy to fix with a few inches of lift and bigger tires. :P Nice flat loading floor with the added utility of the folding front passanger seat. Should be standard on all SUVs.

    Overall, I thought it was a good looking, well balanced vehicle with good power. A well executed design. If the gas milage is as advertised and you don't need 7 pass. seating the R/T should be a buy. :shades:
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    After waiting all these months to actually see, drive and (possibly) buy a Nitro, our local dealer finally received one (an SLT) two days ago, and I must say that my wife and I were both very disappointed, specifically with the front seats. Due to the high "belt line", we both felt as if we were down in a hole. I think that I (as the driver) could probably have dealt with that part if it had had the power seat and I could have raised it up a bit. The "fold-flat" passenger seat, though, has no adjustment option. I can see where the fold-flat feature could come in handy (once in a blue moon) but its possible value does not outweigh its discomfort. But the real war-stopper for both of us was the head-rests. Why in the world were those things made at such a sharp forward angle? We both had "cricks" in our necks before we'd driven a mile. Someone definitely screwed up on those, as far as we're concerned. Altogether, a big disappointment. :sick:
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "It's a cool-looking SUV -- in a world increasingly over-run by cool-looking SUVs. Don't get me wrong, I like the aggressive grille and slab-sided body work as much as the next guy."

    Talk Back Tuesday: Dodge's Nitro and Aggressive Style (Karl on Cars)

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    I test drove a Nitro this weekend and was very pleased. It was quiet, smooth and took a NJ circle very well. I have never considered a mid-size SUV for myself because most of them are soccer-mom frumpy. My husband is over 6 feet tall and he fit in it well. I've read a few comments about seats, etc., but lets look at what you are paying for the vehicle please. When I find a Sunset Orange one, my Mustang is gone . . . :shades:
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    I saw a base model and got in. My butt hit the hard seat surround trim as I sat down.

    I could not believe how bad these seats were. They were like sitting on old worn out office chairs. I check out a lot of new cars whenever I get a chance and was just shocked how a car company can expect to sell a new car with garbage seats like this. The back was lousy as well.

    Nearby was the new Sebring sedan... are they kidding??? What an eyesore of funky trim overload. I wouldn't even bother getting in that thing. The back seat looks like it's on the floor. And people wonder why US car sales are plummeting.
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